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  1. Wrong; It's For the love of money is the root of all evil..... Timothy 6:10
  2. Have you tried calling round the charity shops - British Heart Foundation and Bluebell Wood both have furniture shops. There will be others I'm sure.
  3. Magid Magid isn't even his name. Apparently Mohammed wasn't good enough for him. He changed it to Magid Magid - I guess it suits his persona/posing better.
  4. At the moment Alfie is a small child. Suppose he does live. Alfie the teenager - Alfie the adult. I wonder if his parents would cope with that scenario and all that goes with the day to day care of a severely disabled adult. I wonder if they would be happy to be changing adult nappies for the rest of their lives and giving up their time 24/7. Perhaps they would.
  5. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=little+chicago+sheffield&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiMptXOrK3aAhUJLMAKHYxICqQQ_AUICygC&biw=1920&bih=943#imgrc=79r6MlhJfs0ybM:
  6. I'm not sure how many 'days' you have spent in RGH to qualify your comment. I have had two life saving operations there and the staff, doctors, and surgeons have all been wonderful. I will also praise all the domestic services staff who are often overlooked but do sterling work keeping the wards clean, tidy, and safe. I recently had to take my son to A&E. He was seen within five minutes of arrival by a Triage nurse and we had to wait for 30 minutes to be seen by a maxillofacial doctor. This doctor was totally professional, calm and reassuring. My son had to have stitches in his gum. He was apprehensive but it was dealt with quickly and painlessly. Perhaps people should try private health care and the wallet busting prices that go with it before they moan about the NHS.
  7. It seems to me that a growing number of drivers have completely forgotten how to use the indicators anyway, especially at roundabouts.
  8. Life should mean life but not if it means free board and lodgings at the expense of everyone else. Prisons should be places of work - bloody hard work - and nothing without you've worked and paid for it.....give them a taste of real life. Also notice that twelve more naughty men from Rotherham are due in court. I wonder what kind of education they should be provided with to set them on the straight and narrow.
  9. I have the best of both worlds. My son pays for Netflix and I have a login against his account so I can watch the films etc I want. I pay for Prime as I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. I can get free next day delivery to both my son and daughter's home addresses (Leeds and Manchester) if they want to buy anything. I would recommend Prime for purchases but agree the film/music choices are a bit wanting.
  10. I was bought some lovely cutlery from a charity shop. The real stuff and not just with Made in Sheffield on it but with the manufacturers stamps. I believe it was the Sally Army charity shop but you could try others in your neighbourhood. Worth a go. Have you thought about maybe buying a Bowie Knife? I know they're expensive but genuine. http://www.steelcitycutlery.com
  11. My dad survived the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki. If he were alive today he wouldn't be wetting his pants. He'd see if for what it is: two truculent twerps squaring off at one another. NK has its own version of the world and probably doesn't realise how quickly it would be quashed. Still, the Americans could name their next bomb 'FART BOY'.
  12. LOL imagine the postage and packaging! Maybe someone should buy it to light a fire under your arse. Roll Eyes. Who is MadeinSheffield? ---------- Post added 19-08-2017 at 17:39 ---------- Sorry, just me having a rant. You could try an antique furniture restorer who would be interested. Better than Ebay or a timber merchant. Try Sally Clarke restorations - http://www.sallyclarkerestorations.co.uk or gilboys.co.uk. There are loads of others as well, just google furniture restorers.
  13. This sort of wood shouldn't be on the market anywhere. It's probably fantastic quality but at what price to the rainforest in Brazil. Find someone who will make proper use of its beauty not just some joe soap on Ebay who'll want it for firewood. I just hope you have the good grace never to buy mahogany or teak.
  14. Try an ultrasonic cat repellent. You can get them from Argos or Amazon and they're not too expensive.
  15. I own a collie and always pick up after him. What really annoys me is the amount of human waste, i.e. Litter that is strewn all over wherever you go. Before anyone starts snapping pics and applying for a reward people should make sure they clean up after themselves and their kids. I don't drop litter and never have done and consider people who do dirty scumbags who don't deserve to live in a beautiful country. At least dog <removed> is fully biodegradable.
  16. Love your stuff John - however Cover up those woes and fears A painted smile in place of tears Daily trials and tribulations Handling; Handling situations Through the mirror create the face Keep the troubles in their place Use the box ; Old box of tricks Hide the wounds; create the fix Smile; just smile, obscure the facts Even out those careworn cracks Build up build up the cold pretence The shuttered eye the last defence Let people frown and mock depression End of session. End of session
  17. What is a 'lair' of butter? Is it something the wild animals should know about?
  18. I'm in Dinnington and it was definitely not a firework. I watched it fly off over across to the M1 towards Sheffield. Looked like something burning up in the atmosphere rather than a meteor.
  19. Ooops - Serves me right for not being online for such a long time and not paying attention. I hope danmas86 will forgive me.
  20. Hi Allo1010 - I thoroughly enjoyed this. Excellent. MIS
  21. Before I shuffle off this wannabe writers coil and give up, I thought I would ask what you guys think of the following. Its the opening of a story (Already rejected by the way.) - just want to know what others think: *** The door at the end of the first floor corridor burst open, the handle on the inside creating a dint in the wall and leaving a permanent reminder of Charlie Thompson’s mood that day. Papers pinned to the notice board fluttered as he stamped by, like a crowd of well-wishers cheering him on but he was in no mood to notice. His eyes were fixed on the door at the far end, on the name which stood out in gold relief above a matt black background: Det. Sgt. Dawson This was the third time in a week that he’d been called into her office. What would it be this time? Some other minor infringement? He knew it would be. What had he done? Pee’d down the wrong urinal? He raised his fist as if to hammer on the wood but restrained himself. He took a deep breath. He shook his shoulders slightly, seeming to settle into his uniform and then he tapped, polightly. “In.” the ‘no nonsense’ voice on the other side commanded. He turned the handle until he heard the catch click, then he pushed the door open and stepped inside. “Thompson.” She didn’t look up at him, she carried on reading, but he stared at her and even at that distance, he could smell her. What was it? Chanel, Dior, Dolce and Gabbani? Laura would know. He never imagined a DS wearing posh scent for work but Dawson did. “Ma’am.” He replied, his eyes not flinching. She was about forty, he imagined. She had thick brown hair, brunette which like the rest of her was tamed and controlled. She was beautiful too in an unimaginative way; a beautiful woman not used to having to try too hard. “Can you tell me why PC Brown has asked for a transfer?” She still didn’t look up, didn’t see Charlie’s eyes waver. “A transfer?” He repeated stupidly. This was news to him and it took him a moment to digest it. “I don’t know what you mean, ma’am.” “Oh, I think you do.” She raised her head at last and her eyes fixed on his. “I’m told that you have known PC Brown for a very long time, worked with him for a number of years. I understand you are” she hesitated before concluding, “close.” “We’re friends as well as colleagues, ma’am, if that’s what you mean,” He didn’t like the hint of innuendo in her voice. What the bloody hell was she playing at? “but as for him asking for a transfer, I have no idea. You’d better ask him himself, don’t you think?” “I’m asking you Thompson.” Now she looked up at him. Her hard brown eyes scanning his face. “Is he unhappy at work? Has he mentioned anything to you?” Charlie let his annoyance show. “No he hasn’t. And I wouldn’t expect him to.” “He’s a good officer.” Dawson stood up and began to walk around her desk towards where Charlie stood. “Exemplary. The sort of officer I want on my team. This request for a transfer has come out of the blue and I’m concerned.” Charlie could feel the hairs on the nape of his neck tingle as they moved beneath the collar of his shirt. There was something about Dawson that rattled him. Made him feel uneasy. She stood close to him so that her perfume filled his head. He took a step away, an instinctive reaction which betrayed how threatened he felt by her. She smiled. *** Maid
  22. I feel the same as the others. It is a well constructed piece but doesn't really go anywhere. I don't feel anything for Chloe - I am not sorry she is fat and the butt of family jokes and I'm not happy for her when she finds someone who can see beyond the blubber. For such a large lady she has little or no impact on the page. Other than her size I don't feel as if I know anything about her to be interested.
  23. Maybe the fact that it took JJ 17 years to write Finnegans Wake should have hinted at how long it was going to take you/anyone to read it. Maybe he should have lain off the Meths or maybe we should take to it when reading the book - that way it could all start to make sense. Ever read A Clockwork Orange? No? Steer clear, droog! It's like digging up daisy roots.
  24. Damn, that counts me out too, I can only manage the disorganisshed, disshevvellled bit......hic!
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