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  1. Wrong; It's For the love of money is the root of all evil..... Timothy 6:10
  2. Have you tried calling round the charity shops - British Heart Foundation and Bluebell Wood both have furniture shops. There will be others I'm sure.
  3. Magid Magid isn't even his name. Apparently Mohammed wasn't good enough for him. He changed it to Magid Magid - I guess it suits his persona/posing better.
  4. At the moment Alfie is a small child. Suppose he does live. Alfie the teenager - Alfie the adult. I wonder if his parents would cope with that scenario and all that goes with the day to day care of a severely disabled adult. I wonder if they would be happy to be changing adult nappies for the rest of their lives and giving up their time 24/7. Perhaps they would.
  5. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=little+chicago+sheffield&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiMptXOrK3aAhUJLMAKHYxICqQQ_AUICygC&biw=1920&bih=943#imgrc=79r6MlhJfs0ybM:
  6. I'm not sure how many 'days' you have spent in RGH to qualify your comment. I have had two life saving operations there and the staff, doctors, and surgeons have all been wonderful. I will also praise all the domestic services staff who are often overlooked but do sterling work keeping the wards clean, tidy, and safe. I recently had to take my son to A&E. He was seen within five minutes of arrival by a Triage nurse and we had to wait for 30 minutes to be seen by a maxillofacial doctor. This doctor was totally professional, calm and reassuring. My son had to have stitches in his gum. He was apprehensive but it was dealt with quickly and painlessly. Perhaps people should try private health care and the wallet busting prices that go with it before they moan about the NHS.
  7. It seems to me that a growing number of drivers have completely forgotten how to use the indicators anyway, especially at roundabouts.
  8. Life should mean life but not if it means free board and lodgings at the expense of everyone else. Prisons should be places of work - bloody hard work - and nothing without you've worked and paid for it.....give them a taste of real life. Also notice that twelve more naughty men from Rotherham are due in court. I wonder what kind of education they should be provided with to set them on the straight and narrow.
  9. I have the best of both worlds. My son pays for Netflix and I have a login against his account so I can watch the films etc I want. I pay for Prime as I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. I can get free next day delivery to both my son and daughter's home addresses (Leeds and Manchester) if they want to buy anything. I would recommend Prime for purchases but agree the film/music choices are a bit wanting.
  10. I was bought some lovely cutlery from a charity shop. The real stuff and not just with Made in Sheffield on it but with the manufacturers stamps. I believe it was the Sally Army charity shop but you could try others in your neighbourhood. Worth a go. Have you thought about maybe buying a Bowie Knife? I know they're expensive but genuine. http://www.steelcitycutlery.com
  11. My dad survived the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki. If he were alive today he wouldn't be wetting his pants. He'd see if for what it is: two truculent twerps squaring off at one another. NK has its own version of the world and probably doesn't realise how quickly it would be quashed. Still, the Americans could name their next bomb 'FART BOY'.
  12. LOL imagine the postage and packaging! Maybe someone should buy it to light a fire under your arse. Roll Eyes. Who is MadeinSheffield? ---------- Post added 19-08-2017 at 17:39 ---------- Sorry, just me having a rant. You could try an antique furniture restorer who would be interested. Better than Ebay or a timber merchant. Try Sally Clarke restorations - http://www.sallyclarkerestorations.co.uk or gilboys.co.uk. There are loads of others as well, just google furniture restorers.
  13. This sort of wood shouldn't be on the market anywhere. It's probably fantastic quality but at what price to the rainforest in Brazil. Find someone who will make proper use of its beauty not just some joe soap on Ebay who'll want it for firewood. I just hope you have the good grace never to buy mahogany or teak.
  14. Try an ultrasonic cat repellent. You can get them from Argos or Amazon and they're not too expensive.
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