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  1. Not in Sheffield, but hopefully someone will have some info. Lynwood (or Linerwood) used to be a place in Dronfield Woodhouse in 1700. There is still a Lynwood Close in the big housing estate there, but is this the site of the previous place?
  2. So it sounds like there was a dairy on the site of the current West House flats. I suppose it would have looked similar to the one on Derbyshire Lane opposite Graves Park. And was the Corn Field where the allotments are now just by West House flats?
  3. West House Flats are at the top of Meersbrook Park. Presumably there was a house there before that - called West House?
  4. Scarsdale House at the top of Scarsdale Road has just been renovated into private apartments. It used to belong to the West Lindsay (?) Examination Board. Was Scarsdale House a private house some time in the past?
  5. So no-one remembers the parrot? That's a shame. She's still alive and well in Sheffield. She still mentions Ma, who was her owner before the war. There was a story bot so long ago about Winston Churchill's parrot. He is known to still talk about Hitler! My colleague suspects his parrot was originally from Central America and was probably brought to UK by someone who worked on the Panama canal.
  6. It seems that the parrot was in the Corker's fruit shop in Fitzalan Square. That shop was next to the Marples, which of course received a direct hit in the war. The parrot survived.
  7. A colleague of mine owns a parrot that used to live in the Corker's fruit shop on the Moor. He thinks it came from Central America some time between 1920 and 1930. Can anyone remember the parrot or the shop or knows any more about the parrot? My mother went to Halfway school with another of the same Corker family who lived on Birley Moor Road, Frecheville. They had a shop there too.
  8. Thank you for all your replies especially the last one. I have a good idea where it is now and of its history. Ta, Simon
  9. I collect cigaratte packets. I cut our the fronts and stick them in scrap books. I've obviously ruined them as far as value is concerned, but they look good and are interesting. I started in the early 70s and have a few scrap books full.
  10. Rubbish adverts on telly, and the last days of the test card, Ian Drurie and the Blockheads, Wishbone Ash, Suzie Quattro, Blondie, not very many foreign cars on the roads, Austin Princess, Allegro, 1100, Alsations were still king of dogs, Heeley Bottom with proper shops, being scared of park keepers.
  11. I've lived in Sheffield, Ashbourne, Isle of Man, Flamborough, Stevenage, Stuttgart, Brussels, and Utrecht. They all have problems with the snow. Everyone says "why can't this country cope with a bit of snow", but I remember being stuck in the Stuttgart area and that's with plenty of warnings and people using chains on the car tyres etc. The same happened in Utrecht, so it's not just England.
  12. We used to say 'Jinks' for immunity. Tiggy-chain was called flying sausages. Then there was British Bulldog.
  13. Someone mentioned Dave Tye's motorbike shop at Cromford. Dave must be related to Johnny who was my uncle's lifelong friend and best man. They both were in the RAF and raced motorcycles too. They were also friends with John Cooper of Derby (Mooneyes).
  14. My great-great-great-grandmother was Samuel Fox's sister. Samuel erected a monument to her in Hope, Derbyshire.
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