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  1. Becci85...sounds like a plan. What days would everyone be able to play? It might be an idea to PM me and i will try and arrange it that way. Nekro138 and Liamvw...yea, im not amazing myself and want to have a laugh with it. Obviously everyone will be trying, but the main element is to meet up, have a kick about and maybe a few pints. Everyone, PM me if you are up for it and what days you can meet up in the next week or so.
  2. Thanks to everyone who has replied to the thread... So what is the plan? would people on here rather have a team in a league or organising a regular thing at a leisure centre? I am up for doing either...obviously if we only have 7 or 8 it might be worth doing a league...10 or more it might be worth meeting up at a leisure centre. If people say if they are DEFINATELY willing to do it on a regular basis then please say so and we can get something going!
  3. adrian, liam - how about we try and get a 3 more as well as us three (at least) and then think about getting a team together? if its 5 a side we really need at least 1 sub. especially for the first few weeks it could kill me!
  4. Hi I am 26 years old and i want to either start or join a five a side team. I played a couple of years ago and haven't played much since. Before anyone asks...I'm not going to set the world alight! I'm ok and competitive when on the pitch, but I also want to have a laugh and get fit in the process. If you are interested...let me know!
  5. Hi! We are currently a guitarist and drummer looking for a bassist, 2nd guitarist and possibly a glock player for an instrumental mogwai/placebo/explosions in the sky stylee band. Dont need mega solo shredding guitarists....just the ability to play and appreciate simple riffs and try out new ideas. No age restriction...but if you are wondering we are between 26 and 28. pm if interested! ta!
  6. maaaattee! Forget the muso rubbish...just get a fender 100 watt. It has dual channel but you are looking at around £200 for a great gigging amp. In my opinion guitar amp effects are never as good as good pedal anyway. marshall 100dfx is a good steady amp too. I think they both do 50watts if 100 is too big.
  7. hey up ed, thanks for the reply. I remember you from when I played in a band called icarus falls, we practiced in the room opposite that steve hired out! We are recording this weekend so will do after that. Once again, thanks for the links.
  8. you may be best listening to sheffield bands websites and hearing what they sound like. Some places look try looking ultra modern but they wont get you any better sound and will probably try and charge you a fair bit more. Also call round a few studios and ask if they can do you any deals.
  9. how do to you all! My band are booked in to record a few songs in a studio in a couple of weeks and we are interested in getting a song featured in a local film. We're not bothered if its a students project or to be used by someone who is doing it for a career. Thing is...I have not clue where to start looking for film makers! Can any help please?!
  10. hi can you give me a bit more info please? what sort of music is it? anything you can send to my email address?
  11. I used to work at the Peacock about 5 years ago. Just before I left they stopped making a lot of their own food and chose to buy stuff in. Its sad but its happening to alot of pubs these days. I personally wouldn't eat there now.
  12. I am a guitarist /bassist that is looking for a band. I have been in bands that have played around town and played in all the usual haunts. I'd consider getting something going, but would prefer to join an existing band. I am mid 20's. If interested, let me know. thanks
  13. I am a guitarist / bassist who is looking for a band or to start something up. I have a fair bit of experience. Into most stuff....but I draw the line at arena rock and country. Any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  14. the problem is, the war is so one sided its no longer seen as a war. But we are fine ones to talk about one sided wars aren't we?
  15. hi conrad, I can play bass and guitar, I'm 24 and have a few songs. I'd be interested in hearing your tracks if thats ok please?
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