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  1. I would like to highly recommend andy hall the joiner.. He come and did a fantastic job of my pvc window boards, lovely and neat tidyed up after him self too if ya need a joiner he's the man to call, very reasonable priced too 07747 026254.
  2. Some evil person has opened our rabbit hutch last night which is in our back garden and let our rabbit out She has been missing since 7pm last night She is called scaper and is blue/grey in colour and will come to you if you click your fingers Missing from beighton My 5yr old daughter is heartbroken Any info please get intouch 07967340837
  3. Hiya i was wondering if any of you kind people can help me out. Iv lost all my numbers and would like to get intouch with helen. She drives a mondeo too lol She is from killamarsh and is a mobile beautician, has redish long hair Any help would be much appreciated =) Or if you see this text me!
  4. i dropped my iphone 3gs on friday night. since i cant use it other than see time. the screen hasnt smashed luckily and it still rings and gets text but i cant slide the arrow across to go on to the menu. does anyone no how i can fix this?? i have reset my fone and updated it through itunes but no luck
  5. Haha, are you the one who the teacher did your hair? X
  6. im going on the blaze make up course
  7. 5 ov us are goin to alton towers and are wanting some cheap tickets
  8. I do have a car i jus dont wana drive there.. 4 hr there n 4 bk is a long way (for me)
  9. Im goin to top gear so its kinda in the middle of no where lol
  10. These dont, the fire has to some how be about an inch off floor as ther is a vent under. Strange i no.. The have holes in sides to screw into something, jus dont no what lol
  11. I bought a fire off here which can be inset in the wall or freestanding (came with 2sides and a top) I cannot figure out how to attatch the sides, or if anything is missing There are some screw holes but when iv taken the front off to screw it in it covers the other holes which means i cant put the front piece back on Has anybody got any idea how these fit on? Or do they screw on to marble? Please help!!
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