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  1. http://www.woodlanecc.org.uk/WebProducts.aspx?CATID=WED we really wanted to go here, cheap, absolutely beautiful area, and good facilities. We're hoping to have my daughters second birthday in the smaller of the two halls.
  2. I know theres someone on here who i will be using to come chip my two kitties. Maybe he'll post on this thread cause i cant remember the name :/
  3. Id love to go up but its so difficult cause i dont drive
  4. See i am always worried about someone taking my cat thinking that he is being starved cause hes a little underweight at the moment. George has no collar and he is constantly craving food, we have just had a battle with worms and finally found some that will work on him (expensive but worth it) I would have to feed him three times a day and still he would beg for food so please dont think automatically he is a stray, is there anyone in the area that has cats? Could you not just wait a day or two to see if someone contacts before taking him to a rescue.
  5. http://www.pet-informed-veterinary-advice-online.com/vaccine-side-effects.html
  6. hmmm was it worming tablets??? Perhaps just having an upset tummy from the injections or worming. Has she had the runs or anything????
  7. My brothers band may do for charity if you ask. They are Shamble Street if you go on myspace you will find them.
  8. Just got the small problem off while im trying to brush her teeth she sucks all the toothpaste off but its best way i can scrub em.
  9. Thank you all for the advise, shes started letting me do it when i sing In the Night Garden to her and making funny noises while brushing her teeth. She's hardly had any sweets and juice, i actually put my foot down with my dad and the sweets the other day telling him he could give her one fudge and then i gave her a bottle of water so she could rinse her mouth out after. So far so good, looks like we will be moving in the next week so will be registering her asap.
  10. I hope you find him soon...he is exactly same description as my baby George so if anyone decides to search as far as S5 please dont pinch mine thinking he is Clawde I really hope you find him soon it must be awful i am constantly checking to make sure my two boys are still hanging around. Wish they werent so outdoorsy.
  11. The link wont work for me but i can imagine it being very horrific....i think their are some cruel heartless monsters out there who should get what they give...an eye for an eye.
  12. The Spiderwick Chronicles 9/10 purely on imagination....it was very catchy and me and my daughter really enjoyed watching it. Before that was Karate Kid 8/10 I enjoyed it alot thought little will smith is spitting image of his dad, same expressons the lot
  13. And if anyone would like a recording of them on air tonight we can provide recordings of them live on the radio
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