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  1. Does anyone know someone who will take down an old ariel from my roof? It looks knackered and has not been used for years and I don't want to wake up in the night and find it between my legs as its come through the roof! I guess it needs someone with a roof ladder and knows what they are doing. Any prices?
  2. Anyone got any basic rates per day which includes removal of soil from property? Thanks.
  3. I'm sure half the properties on there are council owned anyways. Some people don't half get worked up over daft little things. I am very surprised you have the internet yet know what it is. Go back to watching the grass
  4. You will find the house has been let and the new tenant simply doesnt live in it.
  5. You have to set the clock in order for the oven to work, if the timer display is flashing you need to set it or at least acknowledge whatever time is on it. Thanks.
  6. 'Birley Carr' - lol, Some people cannot accept they live in fox hill.
  7. These guys will do it: http://www.hharrold.co.uk/ Phone up for a price, they know their stuff!!
  8. If you move to a house near any football ground you have to take off your rose tinted glasses and expect not to be able to get a parking space on match days, chip wrappers in your garden, loud noise etc. Its not just like it at the sheffield clubs its every club!!! Some people just walk into these things.
  9. Crap? The Lib Dems put themselves out didn't they? huh. They not been outed for 'nawt!!!!
  10. And inside is the royal wedding and Bin Ladens death. Good year for good news!!!!
  11. The majority of the people on the show did not work and did not appear to be bothered about the fact. There is always some job that can be done and yes sometimes you have to swallow your pride in life and do jobs others wont do but as long as it pays. The moral to this is "Never rely on anyone but yourself" Days of council house hand outs was over a long time ago.
  12. The Fat Cat Pub in sheffield do many flavors of wine, Strawberry, Peach, Cherry etc etc and its the good stuff not this Morrisons riff raff!!! Pop in and see how much it is for a bottle. The real stuff is always the best!
  13. The sandstone estate is fast becoming one of the worst estates in sheffield. The area where the shops and bus stop are totally avoid at all costs. Jenkin is usually fine as its a main road and doesnt attract youths but if its near any shops / phone box etc avoid, dont be tempted.
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