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  1. I went to Philadelphia school in the 1950's and we used to walk to the baths for our swimming lessons. We were always given a cup of hot oxo afterwards. On fridays my dad took me to the slipper baths. I used to hate the wooden slatted things you had to stand on and also the pink stuff they used to smear around the baths to clean them. Only way to get out of the swimming lessons was to say you had a verrucca. My grandmother moved to a maisonettte in St Phillips Road around 1960 and she had an indoor bathroom, absolute bliss !!! Lorraine
  2. I worked there 1967 -1969. Mrs Jenkins was a lovely lady who really took care of her staff, always worried about me walking home alone and would ask customers to watch I got home okay.
  3. I used to live on Informary Road opposite the cement factory. Was a member of the Salvation Army (didn't know any better) and also went to Philadephia slipper baths on Friday nights. My grandfather had a barbers shop called Aldams. We used to spend our summer days picking tar out of the cobbles on Daniel Hill. Happy days !!! Moved from there when I was 12 in 1961 to Walkley. Anyone know if Philadelphia school is still there?
  4. Thanks for the replies. He was my mother's (Edith Holberry Aldam) first husband and you are correct they did not have any children. Hopefully as you say with such a large family someone out there may know of them. Thanks again.
  5. Does anyone know of the above person Sorting through my mother's belongings I found details of his death on 14th April 1945 at Dunkirk, and some photographs which his family may like to have. Please contact me via this forum if anyone has any information. Many thanks Lorraine
  6. Sorry Dobsons wasn't in Fitzalan Square but cannot remember where it was, I know it was opposite the market where I had to go and collect bacon and egg butties and whelks for the blokes.
  7. Maybe this will solve the question of the dates the Mojo was open http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/.../Stringfellow-on-the-club-that.4671553.jp - I remember waiting ages in the heat for Georgie Fame to come on stage then fainted just before he came on..... story of my life. Anyone remember Roger Howe, Pete's friend who always had a suit on and wore a buttonhole, used to work with him at Dobsons in Fitzalan Square for a while.
  8. Geoff - words red, rag and bull come to mind - I am not biting. Happy New Year everyone Lorraine
  9. That brings back memories that was the first pub I worked in. The owner was a bit of a tyrant he was German I think. I used to love being asked to make sandwiches I used to pinch the prawns every time I went in the fridge. Oh happy days.
  10. Maybe it was because you needed brains to be in 4C !!! - As for the tea cosies, don't go there. Helen Shapiro had a lot to answer for.
  11. We have Val to thank for the photos, she has also sent better definition ones directly to Ken. Sorry about the confusion with the names my memory is not what it was, and I think a couple of glasses of red wine had been drunk when I was doing it. If anyone has the time and inclination maybe they can sort them row by row. Really hope to be able to make one of the reunions this year not that I will recognise anyone the eyesight is not as it used to be either!! Regards to all Lorraine
  12. This thread brings back some memories. I lived on South Road Walkley from 1961 to 1967. My mother and her dad had a fishing tackle/fancy goods shop next to a butchers and a couple of doors away from the Rose pub. We moved there from Infirmary Road. My Grandad lived on Stannington Road opposite the Anvil pub and we used to walk from our house to the Anvil pub every Sunday night.
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