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  1. I am suffering with short-term memory problems and i am getting very worried about it. I forget things sometimes within minutes or within half an hour or an hour and i feel like i'm going mad! For instance earlier on i fetched a bottle of coke from my computer desk and put it on the sofa near me, Around half an hour later i almost asked someone to pass it to me from the computer desk and i saw the bottle of coke next to me and thought 'oh yeah i remember brining it over here now!' Sometimes i forget what day it is and things like that, I'm only in my early 30's but sometimes i think maybe i've got early onset dementia or alzheimer's. I do take anti-depressants for my panic attacks which i don't suffer anymore but i'm still on the medication, I wonder if the medication could be causing these memory problems? I cannot help but think it could be something serious. Does anyone else on here suffer really badly with memory and forget things all the time even within minutes?
  2. I keep umming and ahhing about it, Firstly because i am not 100% that it is even true as it is something that i have heard from someone, I have not seen this happening and i also have no proof so i could be reporting someone who has not done anything wrong. Secondly the NSPCC have not informed me to report it immediately. Thirdly if i cannot remain anonymous then i will not take the matter any further as i do not appreciate the NSPCC passing on my details to anybody without my permission especially when i have refused and expressed my wish to remain anonymous.
  3. Wrong i'm afraid! I wouldn't leave my name regardless of whether i knew what i have heard is true or not true!
  4. Also if drugs are being taken or dealt then that makes the situation even worse but i am only suspicious of that because of the amount of people that go into the property and it could just look dodgy but be innocent. I live fairly close to this house and obviously that is how i know.
  5. Also i will talk to the people in question who have been told the information and see if they will report it but they probably will not want to leave their name either and that is their choice and that choice is to be respected.
  6. As i said no-one has seen these things happen, The child in question has told a few people how their parents have been treating her and what they have been doing now i don't think a child would make all those things up unless they wanted a lot of attention.
  7. I agree Monkey Jim i think it should be reported, i do find the comings and goings quite odd too, If no harm has been done to the child then the people involved will be left to get on with their lives anyway, I am disturbed by what i have heard.
  8. Some of it is 3rd hand information yes that is why i am asking for advice on whether or not to report the matter! But if i did not think that the information was reliable then i wouldn't even be considering reporting the matter.
  9. I would like to see you leave your name and details if you were in my position, I think you are making matters worse if i am being honest with you, You seem like such a hard man, You wouldn't be calling people cowards if you reported a matter and left your details and you were violently attacked would you? Also isn't it better to be safe than sorry? I would feel terrible and really guilty if something bad happened to the child mentioned.
  10. You're absolutely right and those reasons are exactly why i would not want to reveal my name, these days and with the society we live in today you're not safe as you don't get enough protection and i also agree that i don't think they would hesitate to get violent or aggressive if they knew who reported the matter.
  11. I am genuinely concerned for the child involved as i don't think they should be treated that way but i don't know 100% if all the information is correct, I know that one or two things are definite.
  12. Why should i have to give my name? Why should i risk repercussions? I would like to know why you think that i should not report this anonymously? Sorry but i think you're wrong! People have the right to report things without providing a name especially when the people they are reporting seem very abusive.
  13. I need some advice regarding child abuse, I know a child that may be being abused and i'm not too sure what to do, I never like reporting things over the phone, I would much rather do it via email. However i am worried about repercussions that is something that is putting me off of reporting this incident but i am going to list my suscipions and i would like to know what you would do. I have heard from a couple of people that the child involved told a few people the following:- They are forced to stay in their room almost all the time. They do not get fed that well. They are left alone quite a lot as their parents go out and the child in question is around 9 years old. Apparently they have been dragged around the house. They get smacked a lot. Also i have had a lot of concerns regarding these people for a long long time due to the number of people seen entering the property. I have always had suspicions of the following:- Possible drug taking Possible drug dealing Maybe people paying for sex The amount of people that enter the property is something i've never seen before anywhere, never have i seen so many different people go into a property, It may be totally innocent but something doesn't seem right and now i have found out this information regarding the child i am concerned about the situation. But what should i do?
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