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  1. would not be by there own hand, OP talking of putting nails in road thus causing accident with possible outcome of death, and this could be anyone who happened to travel this route, so its fine if its a member of your family that gets caught up in this and dies for a 10 second noise disruption to someones sleep?? we all have to put up with morons around us but we cant take the law into our own hands and harm people as the compulsion takes us is the point i am making
  2. not a question of sense of humour its morons like u with comments of put nails in road or hope he has an accident and ends up playing wheel chair basketball u are probably the car driver that swerves for bikes when filtering through traffic pathetic and please dont assume that all bikers are male
  3. I have every sympathy for people who have their lives affected by other peoples actions but im afraid the ops posts on here have now gone a step too far in my opinion. Im from a biking family and have an aftermarket exhaust but certainly dont consider myself selfish or other bikers who wish to improve the look and sound of their bikes although Im not under any elusion that some exhausts are a cause for concern. Why havent you if you are so enraged by this bike reported it to the police or other authoritys instead of coming on here ranting but seemingly doing nothing about it. The comments "anyone got any nails to leave on the road " and "here's hoping" that speeding will kill them first and here's hoping he will have an accident is well out of order. I agree that everyone is entitled to as much peace as the city will allow but im sorry you have gone way too far in your comments and im very suprised the moderators on here have allowed this thread to stay open after comments like this even with your "only joking" remarks after it.
  4. my partner used 2 work for them and reckons they were a right set of cowboys
  5. i think its a good idea to buy things as you shop each week although it took me 2 years to get pregnant when my little boy did come he cost an absolute fortune, mind u he is definately worth it and pre planning really helped with the bills
  6. ours took about 6 days also its really fast
  7. We are interested in a property near this area and was hoping someone could give us some constructive feedback on this area as we currently live near the bottom of shiregreen and are not familiar with this road, cheers
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