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  1. Time to give young Michael that recall I believe! Hat-trick tonight and I think he has proven he should be in the World Cup now. Before tonight it was 2 goals in 6 games I believe.
  2. I have done this on my home PC and my laptop also.. both have XP Pro x64 and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed. To do this.. make two partitions on your hard drive (fresh install required or would be best) Install XP first, once this is complete, restart your PC and install Windows 7 (not upgrade option) .. install Win7 on the 2nd hard drive partition you made. Once this is done and Win7 installed reboot.. you will now have the choice to boot either: 'Earlier version of Windows' - XP Windows 7 Enjoy!
  3. Got to mention something. When people said they died for 'our freedoms' ... no. They died for their own. Most of us were not even a speckle in a womb back then so no, they did not die for my own personal freedom. Will I offer a rememberance to them .. to the people that died after taking orders from the donkey officers to face - lets face it here - almost certain death going 'over the top' - I respect and will remember them but for something I would not personally be brave enough to do but this is a different story. The officers and commanders - sorry, I do not respect them.. they caused a LOT of lives to be lost needlessly. This should NOT be compulsory year after year. People can and will choose to respect them if they wish and should not be forced to. Fair play to you then.. but again, they did not die for my own personal freedom and they certainly did not die for many on here.
  4. How do we change the details into my name now though mate? Do I have to do this through Nominet?
  5. My old business partner has left me somewhat in a predicament at the moment. He signed up originally for a .co.uk and we have been merrily running a webstore on it for the past couple of years. We also own the .net version of the same site but we use this for other purposes. Long story short: * Business partner has left * Nominet has contacted us today saying they are effectively cancelling the WhoIs opt out and that we have to use a new domain name as we cannot trade on the .co.uk Help... not done anything like this before, and we run quite a large store online- what do we have to do? Can Nominet cancel the domain name (the .co.uk one) OR what are they legally entitled to do - can we not just leave everything as is or do we HAVE to move it to the .net? I can setup the basics on the store on the .net and reimport I think everything again, but the co.uk has all of the emails, the backlinks etc.. so it is causing a massive problem for us today. Or - can we simply forward the .co.uk site to our .net and how could we set this up - as we will need everything from the .co.uk site on the .net first won't we? Cheers
  6. Many thanks for that mate. 56K Modem it is then if it is needed. Just another thought as well, is it possible.. to connect a Skype phone system (Skype number) and send faxes through that as well? Or in other words: In my new home office, I am using Skype with a Skype number for free calls for clients - and I want to add a fax system into that. Is there any way to add a fax machine that goes through Skype?
  7. Hi! Can anyone recommend a way to send faxes from my PC using my existing Virgin Media 50mb broadband. It has to be software I can install on my PC without needing a fax machine for the PC and must be able to work with my existing cable connection. I have tried using eFax but this is not free unfortunately. Cheers
  8. If I am paying for 50mb Broadband, I will download what I bloody well like I find
  9. As stated by CVG - a new drive would be £40/50 for a decent one ie: Samsung MS28 or Benq .. failing that Hitachi one. The moving of the key would be easy to do though so never pay for this purpose.
  10. Excellent stuff - many thanks for that. Although this one I found a bit weird on that site Unnverving stuff.
  11. But that's because as a whole - people WANT to know what is going on here there and everywhere. Society as a whole is nosey.. I will admit that myself. I want to know what people are upto and where so when I see a police chopper hovering overhead, I want to know what is going on. Sad but true - but I am a 30 year old nosey person.
  12. I LOVE the rantings and ravings of people of all sorts of different mixes around the South Yorkshire area.. that's why I come on here. I want to see the different point of views and how they are different to my own personal viewpoints.
  13. I do believe, I am not down with the kids anymore What does 'owned in a game mean' or which games would it be used in? I am guessing the COD games? See - COD... groovy or what Incidentally thought the COD games were a fishing game trilogy at one point until told otherwise.
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