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  1. Spaulding

    Any one speak German

    I moved to Germany 3 years ago. Learning the lingo is the hardest thing I ever had to do!
  2. Spaulding

    Favourite Martial Arts Film

    I know this thread is a month old, but have just recently seen the two Undisputed films with Scott Adkins and thought he was bloody brilliant!!
  3. Spaulding

    Actor Paul Walker dead

    Are you off your rocker? Where the hell did he imply that people with children are of more value than those without? Get a grip! He asks a very simple question, did Paul Walker have children? The answer to that is, yes, he has a 15 year old child. Nervy was probably thinking, "poor child,having to grow up without a father" If that warrants an apology, then you must be bat crap crazy!
  4. Spaulding

    Rate the last film you saw

    Metallica - Through The Never. Great concert footage, great stage and everything, and the 3D was done really well IMO, as a movie? Load of rubbish. It just doesn't work. The plot is terrible, but, how else do you make a concert into "Movie"?!
  5. Spaulding

    What music are you listening to?

    Daughtry, Crawling Back To You, awesome song, great singer!
  6. Spaulding

    Dumb & Dumber 2

    They probably are too old now. I can understand Jim Carrey wanting to do it, but Daniels? did he not just win a Golden Globe or something?
  7. Spaulding

    Favourite Instrumental

    Probably Orion by Metallica
  8. Yeah, the demolishing of buildings is great, but like you said, Battlefielders will say copying, but so what, who doesn't copy who these days? As for the maps, I live in Germany, and for the PS3, they launch sometime today, hope they are better than the last lot, which i found to be a bit ****, to be honest!!
  9. Spaulding

    E3 - Sony - PS4

    It does look like it will kick Microsofts ass, to me everything sounds better. The biggest thing for me, and the biggest failure for MS, is the used games issue. From what I have read, with the new Xbox, you cannot use pre owned games, I mean, WTF?!! So, for the people who don't earn that much money, they HAVE, to buy brand new to be able to play newer games? Thats a complete kick in the nuts to the gamers! Drive club looks epic to say the least, really interested in that! The backwards compatibility for me, is no big deal, why buy a next gen console, and play old gen games on it?! It makes no sense!
  10. I hope they do use a new engine, ass the one that has been used for the past 4 games is old now, obviously! I think the makers need to step up their game, Battlefield 4 will be epic I think, and they will know for sure all the discontent from the COD freaks, and will look to capitalise on the mistakes of COD, and implement them into Battlefield. IMO, the last truly great COD game was MW 2, it was fantastic from start to finish. I never played MP, as I was not, and still am not, very good. (I have had BO2 since last christmas, and i've JUST, reached Prestige 5!) But the single player campaign was epic! Lets see what crap we get with the new MP maps tomorrow for BO2, and whenever Ghosts hits the shops, no doubt I will buy it! As for Aimbots, I have looked everywhere for one, and still not found one. I would love to use it just once, to really see what advantage you get by using one!
  11. I would like to think that can only be a good thing for the customers. How many threads have you read, where people are saying the same things? Its just a rehash of the last game, nothing is improved etc etc Now with 3 companys making COD games, they each have a decent amount of time to put some real effort into the games, instead of just rehashing the same game every year to make more money! For me, the biggest improvement they can make, is to stop all the cheating little furkers on multiplayer! I have given up playing BO2 online due to these "gamers" with aimbots and the like! People say there is no such thing as an aimbot for PS3, but I say thats a load of tosh!
  12. Spaulding

    One song that makes you cry?

    For me, and absolutely beautiful song.
  13. Spaulding

    Rate the last film you saw

    True Grit....the remake, with Jeff Bridges. Thought it was a bit poo to be honest, but then, I find the Coen brothers to be a tad overrated! In this remake, JB is so hard to understand, I found myself constantly rewinding back to listen again, so bad! I like JB, and Matt Damon, but this was not a good film, in my opinion. But, you know what they say about opinions.......
  14. Spaulding

    Best double album ever?

    Something Anything by Todd Rundgren

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