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  1. Curiouser and curiouser yesterday all the downstairs furniture was on the drive, security taking it to pieces then laying it on the front garden. surely this has gone on too long for it to be drug growing. ok I was nosey at first but it’s now winding me up. Anyone any ideas keep them coming.
  2. Can anyone say what has happened on p o w Road. For two days there has been a yellow police van parked outside a house that has now been boarded up. The van says police dogs , not seen one like it before and there are a lot of police present around the front of the house. Obviously an ongoing enquiry, even stranger there were people with security written all over their jackets.
  3. Hi. Does anyone know what happened at Darnall dentist this morning, all appointments cancelled due to an incident ?
  4. I went into the market last week, it’s about three months since my last visit, and was amazed to see another two nail bars had opened, just how many false nail bars do we need ? There are less fish and meat stalls than when it opened, there was a new stall selling Indian food, ready made curries etc. I can recommend their onion bhajis and lamb samosa. It seems unless you wish to purchase all things vape related ( must be about four stalls selling this now ) or wish to have false nails added there really isn’t a lot to see. However I shall still keep going for my tomato sausage for however long the butchers can keep trading.
  5. I have to put my two fur babies in kennels for two or three days while moving house. Can Anyone recommend somewhere please? They have to be very caring and committed to really taking care of them, neither of them have ever left us from being pups, and I know they will hate it. I don’t mind which area they are, thank you
  6. Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions. I think probably Charles Clifford is the way to go. I do have memories of traumatic extractions there as a child but dentistry has got much better I am told. I will have to brave up and get a referral. Thanks.
  7. Please could someone recommend a caring dentist. I desperately need teeth extracting but I am a nervous wreck. I don’t care which area, I can travel, just need someone with understanding and care. Can anyone please help?
  8. Thank you for your replies. We are in S9. But would be happy to travel to get a good place.
  9. Not sure if this is the right section to ask in, but we have to find a nursing home for my 90 year old father, can anyone recommend one please. Any area would be fine. There is no one in my circle of friends who have had any experience in choosing one I therefore would be very grateful for any help if possible.
  10. Vision Express Fargate collect them too .
  11. There is a Christmas market on Fargate and Father Christmas is situated outside next. Took the grandkids on Sunday . There was quite a long queue though. Gives gifts and you can buy photos of your child with Santa. Hope this helps.
  12. Has anyone had any issues with Sofaworks Pakgate please ?
  13. Found today in coins borough male jack Russell terrier very friendly but obviously been lost for some time as his fur is filthy also extremely hungry. I know this is Sheffield forum but can't find anywhere to post for Doncaster
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