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  1. the minimum wage goes up every year,some are now fighting for a living wage(both of which i agree with),but do trained experienced people have to suffer?
  2. i agree and didn't want to,i couldn't afford it. but a protest had to be done
  3. dont see what your missing tigger,its high time public services were paid what they deserve,not be hit constantly
  4. because my standard of living is constantly going down,i'm not well paid by any means. a public sector pay rise would feed the economy,the low paid get rises while i get poorer,i want better services but the money doesn't go on extra staff,ask yourself where the money goes,NOT on over streched schools,services and the NHS. SORT IT OUT CENTRAL GOVERNMENT
  5. GOOD ON YA ,bring back the burgoyne,could be a great pub if run properly. maybe get the local counillors on board
  6. ok,here we go,i have a half plot next to the road on morley st,due to working full time and having other commitments i am struggling with the upkeep,i only see this as a temporary problem and would like to keep my plot(thought about giving it up),so i am looking for someone that would like to share it. it would be definitly for next year and possibly longer,it has a shed,basic tools,hose pipe,water containers,compost heap all for use, i am not looking for any rent just a few veg if they are going, i have too many other jobs to spend enough time up there at tha very least next summer,PM if you are interested,no time wasters please, ps think i will need to name you as a co worker on the rent agreement
  7. HIi have a pond how, many fish and where are you ,if they will fit and its not too far i will take them,
  8. LITTLE DO YOU KNOW;somebody that walks across the road and drops a bag,is registered to that block of flats(to cook the figures).tonnes are removed extra to the figures because of where the council says it comes from.tonnes of garden rubbish from tower blocks,goes down to that block,fencing on a maisonette goes down to that block,even when they have no gardens,. dont believe them,fly tipping is going up ,i can see it
  9. rajput on commonside;longways chunks of real chicken and the best curries in sheffield
  10. dont bother with the one on langsett rd,very little choice,mostly empty shop,sorry but will be closed in no time,stick to the great one in hillsborough
  11. got followed home by a young cat last night from the shop on whitehouse lane, walkley,if anyone knows who it belongs to,PM me,thanks
  12. indoor golf academy,rutland road http://www.theindoorgolfacademy.co.uk/ think its quite expensive though
  13. i dont think you qualify for a move,think the most you can hope for is a decorating grant,the home doesnt belong to you and the council are doing the repairs,if you want to move you could buy your own house and pay for your own repairs,or private rent and wait forever for your repairs ,up to you
  14. its about time something was done,i live on a tram route and occasionally use it...but,i have to wait daily with hundreds of other vehicles(busses included) along the route,while a half empty tram(off peak)sails past. Hillsborough corner is a joke,I've seen trams snarl it up cutting off whole suburbs,i would love to see how huge the carbon footprint of all this trafic is. as for quick,middlewood to town tram 20 mins,bus 10 mins,middlewood to meadowhell a full 40 mins compared to 10 mins in a car, at rush hour you are lucky to get on one if its not at a terminus, BIN THE SUPERSCAM,GET SHEFFIELD MOVING AGAIN
  15. Sheffield City Council is in talks to implement a so-called ‘living wage’ policy, ensuring it pays none of its staff less than £7.20 an hour. An internal city council document seen by Postcode Gazette says the council “proposes to introduce the living wage” to tackle low pay at an annual cost to the authority of around £70,000. The idea is to provide a higher minimum pay rate than the legal minimum wage of £6.18 an hour to reflect the higher costs of living in a city, taken from postcode gazette. giving the low paid a rise,yet the rest of us they want to take a pay drop(2 hours less work a week or 5 days unpaid leave),on top of no pay rise in 4 years,and an increment freeze,if we keep our jobs at all:mad:
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