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  1. So, drove past the Lidl on Castlebeck the other day and noticed that its all shut up, with fencing going round it and some of the adjoining houses. Anyone know if they are going to knock it down and rebuild a modern building there, or if its closed for good, and they are just having the Darnall one now?
  2. Does anybody know what has happened to Stans chippy on woodhouse road, intake? Went past other day and they were gutting the shop...
  3. Ok, so here is the idea... I have a friend in Oz, who's birthday is coming up, and a few of us came up with the idea of sending him a special treat. A photo with a birthday message for him, anything really, in parts of Sheff, doing random stuff, it's all good! We are trying to get as many different towns/cities worldwide involved, so i'd love it if you can help! If you are interested, PM me and i'll give you more details!!!!
  4. Well, the pipe comes down from the ceiling in the toilet (downstairs loo) along the wall above the door, then down the wall at the back of the toilet, across the bottom (where isolator valve is, then back up to toilet (bottom entry valve) Not sure why its like this, just how it was when we moved in...
  5. no PTFE tape on the threads, had contradicting advice on this, some people said put it on bottom of threads, others said not to... Will disconnect and try reseating it, but somebody suggested a flush valve with brass thread connector, so might try that if no joy
  6. Hi Wildcat, what would you suggest? The valve is only a few months old, and i made sure not to overtighten
  7. Here is the problem i am having (with photos) http://www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=236494
  8. Hi again, not been here for a while, but back again now Anybody fancy meeting up and doing something? Nothing major, probably just a few drinks or something to eat?
  9. OK. So went to wickes and bought the necessary (valve isolator and ball valve) fitted ball valve in the cistern, new valve on pipe and turned water on... P**sed water all over so i quickly switched off again, plastic nut for ball valve said tighten by hand and then give a 3/4 turn, which i did, but it looks like it is leaking from here...
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for the info on this, think it is modern enough to be a 15mm nut, but off to wickes to get the necessary equipment now! Thanks once again!!!
  11. No, leak is coming from around metal nut, about 2-3 inches down the pipe from cistern... Wondereing if the nut has been overtightened and cross-threaded the plastic pipe? Have fixed it up for now at least, but any major movement, and its like the threads on the metal nut are losing contact with the plastic pipe... Was thinking i might need to replace the float valve pete, the toilet is quite old though, so i wouldn't have a clue where to begin!
  12. Got home today to find the toilet has a slow leak. Leak is around the nut on the waterinlet pipe (which feeds up into the bottom of the cistern) slight movement of the pipe made this worse. Turned water off, checked the fibre washer, and it was spent, put a new one in, wrapped a little PTFE tape above and screwed the nut back to the plastic pipe jutting from the cistern (metal pipe up until metal nut, then plastic pipe from cistern) tightened it up, but not too tight, then switched water back on, still leaking, tried tightening nut a little more, water came faster, try screwing it back down, water comes faster. The shut off valve on the pipe is seized, so i've had to turn off the mains water. Really need some help with this!!!!
  13. Anyone know of any good places to visit for ghost sightings? Didn't really believe until we were down in Devizes for a family wedding, the hotel we were staying in was meant to be haunted, but not in our room. Woke several times to see and hear the bathroom door open and close on its own, sounds of water going down a plughole (like somebody was emptying a bath, though it wasn't full) and also awoke at one point to see the shape of a woman stood by the main door, looking over towards the bed and window. Live in S13, and hear Norton is meant to be a bit of a hotspot, but can anyone give me more info?
  14. Thought this was a joke, but alas it is true... Netto website confirms it. Well, no more catchy songs about cheap beans, loaves of bread etc Seriously though, always liked to pop into Netto, they have some good stuff in. Asda just seems... faceless.
  15. Needing (possibly) a bit of help... Toilet is leaking, not noticably, but the floor is becoming damp around the loo. I think it is the same problem we had before, which was the fibre washer in the pipe had rotted away. Only replaced it about a year ago though, so thought it should last longer? Wrapped PTFE tape round the thread before i put the nut back too. Second problem is a leaky bath tap, even when turned all the way off, it dribbles quite a lot. The problem is, that is an old front mounted tap (Old 1950's cast iron bath), so i'm not sure if it can be fixed or not. Anyone with more experrise in these matters, please help!
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