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  1. Thanks Nan, Joto and Pattricia! xxx No H, I didn't change my name. I don't like the way its run anymore, so I don't bother.
  2. dammit - why can't I have a 'like' button like other more popular social network websites?
  3. The police were acquited, As for Rodney King himself, he got engaged to one of the jurors from his trial and published a book in 2012 titled "The Riot Within: My Journey From Rebellion to Redemption". But he also struggled with drug and alcohol abuse and had several brushes with the law over the years, and he eventually lost all his money. sounds like crime to me
  4. his choice - he chose crime he deadd
  5. thats what happens when your addicted to drugs and alcohol
  6. Haven't been on here in a while, but had to log in to add my condolences. Thanks Footiefreak for the laughs in the past. Say Hey~up to a pal of mine would ya? XXXDK
  7. OOoops! Missed it! so a very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  8. Just to say, it's gradually grinding toward the closing date If you're sitting on a cart load - please don't wait till after the closing date to move them out when they will be no more than handbag flottsam. It has happened And a massive FANXXYOO!!!! To everyone who has rallied to my appeal so far - you are all wonderfull!!!
  9. and it stinks of curry You don't get much for 3 numbers Rube
  10. You mean the place with no windows? :hihi: waaay too expensive mate - already asked. Oh well - after further covert investigation the 16y/o rule @ Phoenix persists. Looks like they're not messing about with encouraging any young up-and-coming future world champions doesn't it? How very narrow minded. That's Rovvrem
  11. Yes - it's as natural as breathing & blinking. And for those that don't... One day that hand (or any hand) is not going to be there And that will be when you need it most.
  12. So if it can transport sand grains from Africa, Monsanto was lying about pollen not travelling from GM crop fields. Christ - what are we being forced to eat?
  13. It dunt need one - the dog hears my belly rumble & knows my routine
  14. Me n the lad have got the Quagmire "giggidy giggidy goo - alright" off & repeat that at every opportunity Same effect on r-lass
  15. y' welcome Jibbs, in retrospect, despite the weight loss, would you say you benefitted from it though? Did it reduce the frequecy or severity of your seizures?
  16. But on the flip side, have you noticed how you can choose to be white Irish, White Scottish, White Welsh OR White British? Last time I filled one in I scribbled out British & wrote English underneath. Didn't get the job - maybe I should claim race hate?
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