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  1. I'm about to become a dad (tomorrow)! and think there's loads of other Mams and Dads who could do with a proper night out dancing like they did when music was good. I've had a an idea for ages that we find enough people, book the baby-sitters, sort the venue, get someone to organise the music. But perhaps we all vote on what we want before. Rather than getting some cocky 22 year old telling us whats good. I'm thinking cosmic/disco/house/techno good groovy no attitude, dance your arse off for hours stuff. We could even just nick a load of tracks off the internet and play them loud somewhere. Have a listen to this mix: http://snd.sc/dNHyEh but this was just my idea what would make everyone dance, not too hard or boring. Big smiles and knowing looks... Have a listen and let me know what you think to the idea???? I've put a mark about 5 mins in, this sort of thing would make me dance like TW*T but I'm open to what everyone else thinks. We all need a good dance! Mortgages aside! Get the babysitters in! Simon
  2. Cheers Clubfut, Don't suppose you could have a look at the name when you next pass so I can give them a call first? I paid over £100 for them about 8 years ago, its only a fiddly little wire that needs sorting as someone sat on them... Thanks to everyone for their help
  3. Does anyone know where I can get my post headphones repaired. They are very fiddly and I don't have the patience. Any ideas of some clever electrical person who can fix them. I'm Walkley way
  4. Can't believe in Detroit of Europe, there is nowhere decent to go to hear, deep, soulful electronic music. Anyone has ideas for November, let me know. Looking for something like Virgo or a modern jackin deep equivalent. Any ideas? I want to lose myself for a few hours...
  5. Thanks for this The Wicker! The Sawa sounds like an o.k bet, can't find any listings for it, any ideas? I went to Dulo when I first came here and it was really sketchy, full of crack dealers... not idea but it did have an edge. B&B could be amazing, I did get chatting to some Beats in Space fans who were DJing in there once, but they said "they were on a lone mission" shame really. The Harley has a jungle night on the Friday. I will let you know if I found owt... Let me know if you got any more details on Sawa and thanks again
  6. I've got me mate coming over to Sheff the other halfs are out for the night, just us blokes, we both used to love our music, still do, he used to run a music magazine I used to work on another... we love comsic disco, Italo type stuff. Anyone got any suggestions where 2 old ravers could go to hear some decent music without being made to feel old. A late bar would do it. But not generic house... something a bit Berlin would be perfect.
  7. Can anyone recommend a decent removal company in Sheffield that does not cost the earth, but won't mess up our belongings. Ta Simon
  8. GLC were a novelty group. I'm talking about more underground stuff, that is much more credible and real. Have a look at this and listen to the lyrics to see where I'm coming from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYYCo1Zpf7g S
  9. Chem1st are you saying that due to lack of good job prospects because of the recession and that. The mentalists are thriving off everyone else being angry? S
  10. Hello Sheffield, Does anyone out there think Grime or whatever its called today. Is making our Young People become violent towards each other? Has anyone actually careful listened to any of the lyrics? Anyway just wanted to put it out there. S
  11. Thank you SHLG, I have put it in the calendar. Are you going to have the aforementioned yellow sign next Weds? S
  12. This sounds like a great group. It will save me boring everyone I know with film chat. When is the next meeting 3 rd July? Who do I sign up to be notified? or join the group? I'm new to this forum malarkey S
  13. Naylor, I will have a think while drinking my horlicks (it's getting late) But how good is the name 'Habitat' I know you can't use it. How about something like 'finishing touch' Not sure about that now I've typed it... When I have worked with Architects they refer to it as 'fit out' which is not the most inspiring... I will sleep on it.
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