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  1. The food is still terrible, staff get orders wrong and are then rude. A waste of time and money.
  2. Thanks for your posting Jeffery. I wonder why online rather than "in the room" property auctions seem to be taking off and gaining popularity as a way to sell?
  3. These seem to be gaining popularity, has anyone any experience of buying through this route? Link below is to an example http://www.johnpye.co.uk/project/three-bedroom-buy-to-let-opportunity-for-sale-sheffield/
  4. out of interest, what was your mate going to do with it if he had won?
  5. once they are a mortgagee in possession they aren't allowed to do that, a public notice should have been placed. Perhaps our resident solicitor could confirm?
  6. what was the address and which agent was it? If it was a repossession a public notice should have been placed in the property guide prior to exchange of contracts.
  7. Hi, wondering if there are any local moodle developers? Regards
  8. would have been better concentrating on pancakes first before you started putting buns in the oven
  9. netherthorpe's only about half a rung further up the ladder...
  10. thanks for this Harriet, can you remember who you used please?
  11. Hi, could anyone give me an idea of how much it would cost to re-roof a 3 bed mid terrace pls, it has a dormer on the back. Rgds
  12. their views are out of date, all the tower blocks were demolished and replaced with low rise new developments. More chance of getting mugged in walkley/crookes i would think.
  13. always found it cheaper to use a place near Hatfield in Doncaster, beats all the sheffield prices
  14. Hastillar Rd South, Danewood Ave and the roads down there, though i think Emerson Cres takes some beating
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