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  1. I agree with Lee Jowel, if your kids have special needs you will get very little help from the school. They refused to teach my child but kept all the money for his special needs. I ended up teaching my child at home.
  2. I remeber the blind man that used to stand at the bottom of Rokeby road, he was little and thin with bang straight white hair, he seemed scary when we were young but after talking to him he was a really nice bloke.
  3. Paul, Janet and Linda all still live together and they still live on Knutton Rd,
  4. Do they have any badminton sessions closer to the Ecclesfield area or is it just ponds forge?
  5. Do you mean the Julie Fothergill that is Michaels sister from Colley Cresent?
  6. What a ludicrous idea of a blue box for your paper. This was definitely not well thought out. The new blue box delivered yesterday which is for card and paper only has netting over the top so when it rains as it has done all day today the paper and card becomes soaked. What are the council thinking about when they come up with these ideas? The only thing they will get from the blue box is paper mache. That is if the bin men who have the job of emptying them can get the paper out when it is all dried up and gone rock solid. A better idea would have been to keep the blue bins for paper and card and a box with a plastic lid for bottles, cans and plastic.
  7. I agree with 8itch and eejay174. You grow used to the snide comments of can't you control that child or he'/ she is just trouble. He/ she will be locked up by the time they are 15. You do learn to live with it. My son without warning used to hit people especially at bus stops and I used to apologise all the time but he did not see it as wrong what he was doing. He just saw that someone was staring at him for running round uncontrollably or to him as he normally was so he hit them for staring at him. He was diagnosed with A.D.H.D. and, Oppositional conduct disorder at 2 year old then at 7 with dyslexia. He is now doing well at college even though the school would not teach him from the end of yr 7 or as their words were "we have got him to the end of the year now its up to you". They would not permanently exclude him as they received all the money for his special needs. I got him involved in rugby which he now still continues to do but it helped to get rid of some of the pent up aggression in him. He still walks off the pitch if he thinks he is not doing thing right even though the rest of the team may also be having a bad game. He blames himself for the mistakes. He could not managed boxing as there was too much concentration involved. He just wanted to get into the ring and fight anyone no matter how big they were. He's a teenager now and the hormones are going daft as well as the A.D.H.D and associated conditions. Please do not give in or give up your Son or Daughter will pull through the difficult times but they are the most loving children you could ever wish for.
  8. I am very interested in the group you have as my son and I have A.D.H.D. and associated Illnesses as they are so labeled. Or as the education system like to call them "The naughty children"! There used to be a group the North side of Sheffield but the lady who ran the group had to withdraw from activity due to serious illness. Sadly now there is nothing the North side of the city for aid for carers or sufferers of any A.D.H.D or associated illnesses. The last one I knew of that was still active was at Norfolk Park. I feel that this is also a group that the education authorities should be involved in to aid students in learning and greater achievement as a child with A.D.H.D and associated illnesses is an extremely intelligent child and this is not recognized by the educational authorities and should be as each individual child comes under the title what is now known as the gifted and talented. The schools do not have the time of day for children like this unless they have had medication rammed down their throat first. Which is not always the option especially if the child will not take the medication or it has an adverse effect on the child. Dr Val Barley is a woman who is prepared to listen to people and their views on A.D.H.D, Aspburgers syndrome, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and other aspects of metal health in children and young adults. I spoke with her on radio Sheffield a number of years ago. She is a very understanding lady and never received the credit she deserverd for standing up for young people and mental health related issues.
  9. Love these. Unless your from Yorkshire you will not have much idea what they say. I think its brilliant. Its like they say Sheffielder's and Yorkshire people have their own language.
  10. Fitness First will sign anyone up. I had to send off loads of information to their Head office as the signed my child up at the age of 15 and had to cancel the contract as he was under age but this was at Wadsley Bridge. They kept on hassling for a free day pass for him and one of his friends until he went down. They were supposed to be waiting until he was 16 but did not do so. So I agree beware of any Fitness First Gym.
  11. I only ever let him cut my son's hair once never again he looked like he had been scalped at the back and a basin put over the top.
  12. My nan and Grandad lived at 299 Deerlands Ave, next to Lorna and the otherside from Ted and his brothers Mick and Jimmy. My dad was Tony Howard. My nan and Grandad went in the club from it being built. Ada and Sonny. I think you Know my mum?
  13. Derbyshire's is still there and so is Fred he still works in there with his family. It is still a hardware shop but also has a good selection of pet supplies as well .
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