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  1. some the of migrant workers dont get the minimum wage they get exploited
  2. i said migrants were used to hammer wages down and i stick by that
  3. can anyone recall the work experience project were youths were set on and in some cases did the same work as men and received a pittence in pay
  4. im not blaming the migrants as you say greedy firms migrant workers should receive the going rate and conditions and rights of the british work forceand not set on because they can be exploited to work for lower wages
  5. but these isolated case,s are people who are forced out of their job its just not fair
  6. a group of glaziers in sheffield was finished and a group of polish workers set on in their place and this is not an urban myth the reason the poles were cheaper if people want to employ mgrant workers they should pay the going rate for the job then its an even playing field
  7. i dont think the factory,s abroad etc get rid of their workers for brits anyhow isn,t the argument over hereput out by the bosse,s that the british worker is lazy & greedy and the migrants better workers and cheaper
  8. migrant workers are used to hammer wage,s down end of story
  9. nick griffin asked not to wear the poppy by the british legion,nick griffin keeps upsetting people
  10. staffy,s were not bred to be vicious to man,but some like all dogs can be trained to be nasty or turn on people the only time i was bit was with a yorkshire terrier and as for the staffy being a variation of a pit bull no way the pit is a different breed and the pitbull wasn,t bred to be vicious towards people
  11. worra about i lead a luvverly bunch of coconuts
  12. anyone recall the young female goth that was kicked to death and mother of one of the boys who did it smirked in court well i would have kicked her son to death and asked her if she thought that was funny
  13. i think the bnp have some good points however they are overshadowed by the bad points
  14. i think its more of a case of if i dont like them neither should you syndrome
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