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  1. my grandma is 104 and vicious..anybody want her....lol lol
  2. my son starting going bold at 18.he did the same..shaved it all off and he looks great..not short of girls either lol:hihi::hihi:
  3. used to go in there all the time with my dad brian launders....
  4. does anyone remember the williams family from newhall road attercliffe in the 1930s till 1960s.daisy and ted williams and their 6 children....doreen,brian.fred.derek barry sandra..
  5. i went to ashleigh school.1982-86.used to knock about with nicola carter...tammy thistleswate..sharon easto..sharon barson...
  6. report it.....nowwwww...dont think bout it
  7. never heard such a load of crap in my life...she just after compensation probably because her family went mad wen they saw it..so she blamewd the tattoist.no way did she fall asleep..
  8. iv got a great life thank you.... dont get personal :loopy:
  9. i remember maxine spicer...kathy emery..robert cowlishaw...micheal howard..john daley...
  10. i was in miss mcgloins class.i went to the school from 73 to about 80.my name is cheryl launders.had a brother called le.does anyone remember me....:thumbsup:
  11. take no notice....just some stupid people on here sometimes..:huh:
  12. no...are you just ugly????or sumone who thinks they are better looking than others??:cool:
  13. anyone who thinks apperances are everything.........
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