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  1. The connection speed will depend on your area. I believe that on the BT website, there is a function that will check what speed is available in your area. I have the Home Hub, it's ok. There are 2 ethernet ports on the Hub, so that would be enough for your PC and Xbox (via ethernet). I can't tell you how well it will work with your Xbox, but most BB offerings now are geared to support consoles. Hope this helps.
  2. i don't, but i'm planning on renting a room out. the person who is interested has a car...
  3. I'm moving to Millsands later this month, and was wondering if anyone has, or knows some who has, a car parking space available to rent within the complex? Many Thanks Al
  4. Haha! I saw him in the punchbowl a couple of weeks ago... having a bit of a barney with some guy... The barmen then tried to throw him out, everytime they came near him he said... 'Don't touch me.. Uh-huh' in an Elvis Stylee. Legend!
  5. I use a company called Ruskin Associates. They're pretty good, and totally independant.
  6. Yeah... check out St Thomas' Church and 'The Nine O'Clock service'
  7. Our digi box cuts out every now and then... but it is a cheap piece of rubbish. We just unplug ours, leve it for a couple of mins, and plug it back in! Magic!
  8. The exact same thing happened to good friend of mine. However, on his journey, he got stopped by independant auditers (or similar). Beleiving that my friend was 'over-riding' they then hit him with a £60 fine. He fought it, and finally got it revoked. But I would STRONGLY suggest you report this. Apparently it's rife within Sheffield, and surley something that should be stamped out.
  9. absolutely... it took me a good 3 or 4 seconds to overcome the hypoxia.. and maybe the same again to recover my eyesight!! fortunately, i don't seem to be suffering from any long term damage today... the mental scaring, potentially, will never heal!!
  10. Last night, after partaking in a quiet half of bitter shandy with my friend in the Old Grinstone. We left said establishment, and had walked no more than 10ft before we were ATTACKED by a passing Red Transit van. The occupants used (what I can only assume to be) a CO2 powder fire extinguisher. The CO2 soon replaced any oxygen, and with clouds of smoke around, not only where we blinded, but also struggling to breathe. I stumbled out into the road to see the Transit driving off, with smoke coming out of it. Has anyone seen/experienced anything similar?! Keep a look out for a old red Transit van, in the mini-bus style!!
  11. Shaun's in banenr cross are the best around... give em a try
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