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  1. Come along to our charity art auction this Tuesday at 99 Mary Street. We’re having an art auction to raise money for Sheffielder Stephen Brooks and we’d love you to come along. Back in 2011, Stephen was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. He underwent surgery the following year, which left him permanently disabled. Then, earlier this year, the tumour returned. After a biopsy, Stephen and his family received the devastating news that the tumour is now stage three and malignant. We’re raising money for Stephen to undergo private Proton Therapy which, unlike Radiotherapy offered on the NHS, targets just the diseased tissue. We need to raise £75,000, which is no easy task. But with your help, we might just get there. Come along to 99 Mary Street this Tuesday (11th December) from 6pm and help support Stephen and also bag yourself a piece of artwork from one of our generous artists: Pete McKee The Designers Republic Tom J Newell Our Favourite Places DED Associates Geo Law Dry British Peter & Paul Mick Marston Cafeteria Lisa Maltby Alex Szabo-Haslam Jon Cannon Matthew Conduit Ste Johnson Emily Redfearn Megan Elis Joe Horner Olivia Bliss Dan Reed Kyle Wilkinson Amy Kilner Jubby Taylor Bubba Side By Side Chris Saunders Greg Harris See you there! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/stephen-brooks-fundraising-auction-tickets-53199307561
  2. Thank you! I'm currently running a follow-up campaign of Citee map T-shirts. There's an option for £20 shirts.
  3. Ahh, thank you! You can still buy Sheffield map shirts from www.citeefashion.com – there's loads more too.
  4. I'm running another Kickstarter campaign. It's a small project - more for my own enjoyment than anything, and though it's more than a little niche I'm hoping someone here can help. Basically it's a bouldering/climbing poster stamped with foil. I do a little bouldering myself at Climbing Works, and once I've had all these produced I'd like to display them in places where climbers hang around (if you'll excuse the pun). You can see the poster here: Other than the obvious - Climbing Works, Foundry, Awesome Walls etc - does anyone have any ideas?
  5. What do you produce, and what sort of space do you need?
  6. Several tenants in our building lease vans for business use (and cars for personal use too). I'm almost certain most - if not all - of them use Evolution in Chesterfield.
  7. On Thursday I launched Great Minds, a creative project on Kickstarter. It features 24 elegant hand-finished posters of inspirational and positive quotes by philosophers and great thinkers. Each quote is available as a gift set of note cards too. Please take a look at Great Minds on Kickstarter.
  8. It depends on the design - and how well it's marketed. Users on Kickstarter have launched profitable t-shirt ranges, using social media to drive sales.
  9. Yorkshire Tee might be able to help. Out of interest, can you post a link to your Instagram feed? ---------- Post added 01-01-2015 at 12:13 ---------- ...and millions of adults who do have credit cards.
  10. They were from my Kickstarter project. You can get in touch and buy through my store, I still have a few left.
  11. I just backed this great project on Kickstarter, well worth a few minutes of your time - especially if you're into fighter jets!
  12. The follow-up campaign to Waveform, showing tracks by The Human League, Heaven 17, and many more, ends soon: Having now run two modestly successful projects (some people make millions out of Kickstarter), I've got a reasonable handle on the benefits and limitations of the platform. I'd love to hear from others who have used it.
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