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  1. What part of the car did she clip the guy person with? The front or the mirror?
  2. Just say "Yes, thanks" and carry on about your business.
  3. You think he is good looking?
  4. Tim Henman spouts rubbish. I bet he had a good 8 hours sleep. He's probably secretly cursing Murray for putting him to shame.
  5. What kind of food do you sell and what are your prices like?
  6. If it's Daytona, yes. If you're talking about something else, no. Used to be one of my favourite games in the arcade back in the day.
  7. I agree with you. Just making the point that 'proving' and convicting these fraudsters is easier said than done.
  8. Your average person doesn't have the time, effort, standing, money, contacts, resources or standing in society to be able to go around proving people are cons and prosecuting them.
  9. An 'allegation' doesn't mean it actually happened. People love to get on any old bandwagon.
  10. You're a scam artist more like.
  11. You could always make a seperate thread asking people if they have dealt with this company before and what their opinions are. Of course it will have absolutely nothing to do with this thread whatsoever...
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