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  1. I sent my son there And I couldn't recommend it enough - great nursery, my son was more than happy there, very accommodating, all the staff are lovely and all the kids seems to really enjoy it. No issues what so ever - brilliant place x
  2. My son is only in Foundation, but so far I am not finding them very good at all. They only ever come out to tell me if he's had a bad day, and they literally say that he's had a bad day. They never say things they've tried to get him through the day a bit easier, or different things they've tried etc. they just don't seem interested. Will try the Parent Partnership as someone else has mentioned them to me as well. Thanks
  3. He doesn't have a statement of Sen, but I think I am going to ask the school to start the procedure to get him one. Where abouts is Wharnecliffe Side? ---------- Post added 19-01-2015 at 19:25 ---------- I've just had a look, think it's a bit too far out for me. I don't have a car and have to get to work for 9.15 after school drop off but thanks anyway
  4. We have had a referral to Ryegate, they see him every few months but it's really just for review, they don't actually 'do' much. Every school should have a SEN co-ordinator, which Hillsborough do have, they just don't seem to have a clue in how to support my child. I want to keep him in mainstream school, I don't think he needs a specialist school, just a school that know about autism and ways to support and help him if he is having a 'bad day' ---------- Post added 19-01-2015 at 19:11 ---------- Local authority will always just leave the child where the are unless you apply to move them. Hillsborough is an infant and junior school so he would be there until 11 years old, which right now I don't see happening! Not sure where malin bridge school is exactly so might have a look into that one, thanks.
  5. He isn't!! Didn't hear good things about that school so never even looked at it! He's at Hillsborough at the moment x
  6. Can anybody recommend a school with a good Special Educational Needs department/policy/support in the S6 area? (I live at Foxhill so preferably one not too far from that area of S6) My 4 year old is on the Autistic Spectrum and I feel that the school he is at now doesn't have much idea when it comes to supporting him/me/us. It feels like they don't know how to help him or what to do with him to the point where I am considering looking at other schools (although until my older daughter finishes primary school next year he may have to remain where he is as I can't be in two places at one!!) Thanks in advance X
  7. Don't know much about the pricing side, deposits etc, but my sister got married there 3 years ago and it was fabulous. Food was lovely, all extremely well organised. Not a single hitch all day. Would recommend it, and think they offer packages now from just £2,000 which is a very good price I think!
  8. My best friend was not from sheffield, she moved here for uni a few years ago and ended up staying. However as she still visited home regularly, she stayed registered with her dentist back home and just booked appointments for when she was visiting. One day, on one of these visits she was due at the dentist. she pulled up outside, got out the car whilst typing a text on her phone. She walked up the path to the dentist, past a sign in the pathway. Walked in, a young lad was coming down the stairs, looked at her, said hello and walked off down the hallway. Se couldn't see the reception in front of her, but thought they must have had a move round. She turned left into the 'waiting room' took a seat on a rather fancy waiting room sofa, and picked a magazine up off the coffee table in the middle. It was only when she looked up that she saw a little girl sat on the floor engrossed in her colouring, and a television on in the corner playing cartoons, that she realised she wasn't in the dentist!!!!!! Being distracted by her phone when she got out the car, she'd actually walked down the path next door to the dentist and just walked right into someone's house and made herself at home!!!!!!! The sign she had passed was a for sale sign, so I can only assume the kids thought she was a potential viewer and that's why they didn't say anything!!! Being the ditzy lass she is, she just said oooops sorry, I meant to go in the dentist, got up and walked out!!!!!!
  9. Am after someone reliable, honest and trustworthy to come and do an annual service on my boiler please. Had it put in 3 years ago and just realised we've never had it serviced. Npower do a service for £99 but I'm guessing someone can recommend somebody on here who will be a lot cheaper than them!! Thanks in advance.
  10. My cousin does them - check out her website http://www.bexyboohair.co.uk/
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