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  1. Howells are good and they have a office in sheffield
  2. Twitter is alot better than facebook. You get most of the news on their before even hits facebook or on the tv. You get follow requests from users and you follow people and you get to see their tweets. If you posting a public tweet always put the # infront of your name of public tweet like #redknappforengland
  3. hi there my partner is wanting to do courses through the open uni, she has rung up and got given a course that would suit what she wants to do etc. she is applying for financial support i was wondering how long this usually takes to go through from when the forms are posted off.
  4. Its a charity called patch that does the safety equipment and fitting aswell. Get in touch with the surestart centre and ask them about patch. They did ours including fireguards.
  5. There is few you can use. Good old Microsoft Office (excel). Openoffice 3.0 you can download for free (Spreadsheet) and you can also download templates off the internet with this software or you can use Kingsoft Office which also has spreedsheet free to download again and downloadable templates to use with this software. Hope this helps Andy
  6. if you ever need to speak to virgin, i go through disconnection line every time i have had an english speaking person, explained i find it hard to understand some other people as phone lines and accents are sometimes bad, ive never had a problem with doing it this way in the 4 years i well my partner have been with them..... plus my partner is hard of hearing too and they seem to try and help as much as they can so she can hear clearly what they are saying to her when she has to call when i am not here hope this advise helps
  7. Here is the website http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/5284110/Virgin-launches-200Mb-broadband-customer-pilot-scheme-in-Kent.html Stating that its going to be released around 2012 but won't be fully intergrated around uk untill around 2013.
  8. Just looked at the graphs and I don't think they are that bad especially their customer service. I was on XXL package (50 meg Broadband, TV, Phone) £100 per month in total. They upgraded me to VIP Package (100 meg Broadband, TV, Phone) £115 in total on a new 18 month contract. Done a speed test through Virgin Media tech team and im getting speeds around 92 - 98.5 meg with a 4 - 5 meg upload.
  9. Not impossible just that VM has best broadband out at the moment and not a bad price for it either. 100mb broadband at £45 per month Can't argue with that. no other company will get anywhere near that. As I speak VM are rolling out 200mb Broadband in testing.
  10. VM is very good for broadband i download torrents most of the time and my connection is 100mb broadband. i seen 1 torrent which was a avi at the size of 1.38 Gib downloading over 9.0 m/s which only took just over 4 mins to download.
  11. Try using ups they are really good and quick. http://www.ups.com
  12. You have to be in receipt of qualifying benefits. but its a one-off payment paid to your account towards the cost of electric or gas. But the temperature has got to be forcasted below 0c for 7 concegative days. You don't need to apply for it it is automatically paid. More info here http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/moneytaxandbenefits/benefitstaxcreditsandothersupport/inretirement/dg_10018668 Sorry for the spelling.
  13. Get a load of grieve off the red coats is like going in to a zulu camp lmao
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