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  1. Hi guy and girls Last year was a rough year for me after loosing my job after 15 years working for the same company I found my self with big cash problems. Any way I fell behind with my rent on my flat and the council ended up seeking possession for none payment of rent which ended up coming to over £2000 in rent debt. So since then iv been sleeping at friends house from week to week but finally got a good job in the same thing I did before so now am back on my feet. Let me get to the point, I wanted to ask if I can still bid or apply for a flat with the council even though they kicked me out for mine payment of rent etc. At the min a still owe the £2000 plus rent but now am back on my feet am going to start to pay this off but just wanted a bit of advice from anyone that works for housing or know how it works for me in the situation. Thanks for reading this and hope someone can explain if not will have to pop into housing when I get a day off as I work crazy hours Thanks again john
  2. Been told by a few people there's a firework whole sale place in neepsend area but they won't tell me where it is because they don't want me to find out so I thought id ask good old Sheffield forum for a answer Anyone help me ??? ---------- Post added 17-10-2013 at 06:57 ---------- anyone ???
  3. Not bad but have to collect and i want to see the items 1st if you understand
  4. Is there any police auctions in sheffield or surrounding areas ?
  5. On friday and today (sunday) i seen a helicopter carrying something under it on like a long rope, anyone seen this aswell or know what it was doing ? Seemed strange seeing it twice in space of a few days
  6. That shop years ago in m hall called MADHOUSE got done for it years ago if anyone remembers
  7. Iv got it already had it since saturday, dont rate it either, black ops all the way for me
  8. I Will be happy to take this when your ready Pm me contact details Thanks
  9. Anyone know any good websites that let houses / flats in sheffield but take on dss ???
  10. Looking for our settee to have a good clean and bring back to life, Anyone know any good companys out there ? Thanks
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