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  1. Hey Yea we went and the people in the studio were lovely but it cost us a fortune So be prepared its very expensive
  2. I would be happy to purchase from a loving family home also, I would also look at the parents, I also know a bit about bullies myself having kept one and having her litter to look after
  3. hi can anyone recommend any English bull terrier breeders
  4. apnas on meadow bank rd used to be really nice £10 all you can eat went a couple of years ago so im not sure if its still open has anyone been recently??
  5. oh i didnt know, it was a long time ago when i went
  6. big tree got a small room upstairs maybe holds 40 to 50?
  7. not looking good is it? we were going to try it but we wont bother now
  8. no not that one up abbeydale rd i mean the one at the bottom of london rd:)
  9. do you people just look at everyone post and put c**p just thought it was a positive comment if anyone had seen the place and fancied trying it thats all, i will think twice in future because of idiots like the above
  10. just wanted to say that we all had a potato from here yesterday and it was really nice, the fillings were sooo nice and the salad was very freash and crisp with added extras like peppers, sweetcorn, olives, colslaw and jalapinos im sure we will now be regulars there, so if your near there and need food try it, you wont be disappointed:):)
  11. does anyone know how long you have to have lived in the property before you can buy? also does anyone know when there bringing the new terms in 50% off your purchase? cheers
  12. ive looked into the family member guarantee but you have to be 25 and hes just a year off
  13. I will keep looking for a 95% mortgage or tell my son to keep saving, they really dont help the first time buyers anymore do they, its so unfair when they work and want to purchase there own instead of bidding on council propertys ( and he would only get a pokey flat anyway)
  14. ive looked but they say they do then when you go to website they dont
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