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  1. You miss my point. What i meant was if he used his motivational and organisational skill for good rather than to wage war he could have really acomplished some good in the world.
  2. I just upgraded from a smasung D900i to a Sony Eficson w715 and im very haqppy with it. Free on Vodafone with contracts starting at the £10 pm mark.
  3. No one has got things done like Hitler. Imagine if instead of waging world war hed put his energies into something good. The world would be a much better place.
  4. Your a patronising git arent you.
  5. Was the naked chef program about olivers fantastic skills in the kitchen? No, it was about making somone look new and 'edgy' to put a different spin on food programs. The camera angles, the rapid (and ridiculous) fast zoom of the camera, the smacking food down on the counter in a totaly hideous way. The producers found somone with a slightly above average ability to cook and made a new style of program that people liked. Oliver is as entertaining and radical as the script writer tells him to be.
  6. Then the marketing guys got it right.
  7. Aggressive? If ya like fella Your the one dishing the orders out. Why dont you take a little of your own adivce?
  8. Like his accent its all a put on to make him look interesting.
  9. Stop getting drunk then you wouldnt have a hangover and so it wouldnt be such a big deal. You alcos disgust me
  10. The point im making is yes i made an assumption which is based on lots of experience with the stazi yet that user made an assumption about me based on nothing. I also dont see where it is im having a go at someone
  11. Assume all you like, you only make yourslef look silly but as youl notice if you bother to read the post you quoted i said the warden PROBABLY provoked him. Ive had experience with the Hitler youth before so i can say that with some authority.
  12. Homebase.£40 for the bottle of gas then £17 to get it refilled after that.
  13. Simple answer to that is muslims are famous for wanting evertything their own way. If they dont get everythging their own way then they behave like babies, stomping and throwing a strop until they get what they want.
  14. Its our country, its our culture being erroded and these immigrants and their families need to learn to fit in. If they dont want to fit in then they should just do one and go home.
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