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  1. hi waddy, thanks not sure weather to get a villa or hotel we get married in aug so most expensive timeof yr unfortunately
  2. im wanting to get this printed We have our dishes and towels for two, Pot and pans, and a toaster too. Knives and forks and spoons galore, There isn't much room for anything more! So if for our wedding you'd like to bring us a gift, A cheque or cash would give us a lift. Perhaps you could help towards our honeymoon spends Or where our home is in need of a mend. Please don't be offended at this type of request, As our day will be complete having you as our guest so we can put it in with our invitations for our wedding preferable on pink paper and i need 50 any ideas please on prices nad where thanks
  3. we looking at going to tenerife but not sure where we like clubbing pubs and beaches any recomendations where in tenerife which is best al inclusive full board half board or self catering not sure which way to go
  4. we have recently got a mortgage are require the above which is best policy is there one for pay out in 10yrs if we havent claimed, im on a fixed term contract with work and my partner is self employed. any help greatly apprieated
  5. we are in the process of buying our house and really need something doing to the garden it got rubbish tarmac area thats all uneven trees grwing from nxt doors garden and the garden slopes down any ideas what can be done to this thanks in advance
  6. any recommendations and rough price please thanks house is under 60k if that help heard it goes on price not sure whether this is true any help would be great thanks
  7. report them asap it could happen to someone else thats more vunerable let us know how u get on
  8. hi yeh i did that with hot water and sugar after i scrapped it and before i fill them , thanks though
  9. i just started painting the kitchen after scrapping walls of loose paint filling its with poly smooth over (cost me 25 quid) anyway this morning i decided to paint it in dulux one coat as it is a really dark blue , why is the paint bubbling i got all the loose paint off friday now its bubbling in diferent areas, really wound up to top it off ive fallen off the stool landed on my bum hit my head on the door frame fell into the bin and broke it and the roller attacked me and my asthma has been set off from paint, so im really having a bad day why is it doing this??? close to getting a decorator dont want to do too much as we will be having a new kitchen in the next 12 months but the colour on it is horrible now im left with half kitchen blue and half green help - anyone cheap at decorating and can sort my problem out i know cheap isnt always best option but only need it to last 12 months as long as it is on walls lol
  10. we had our xmas party last night had 8 taxis all pick ups at 7pm and returns at differents every taxi was on time spot on service mercury 0114 2662662
  11. its a bit like tv license u by them from the post office in multiples of 5 and u can only use them to pay towards your car tax???? any ideas
  12. did everyone receive a leaflet from defend council housing on saturday i did, just wanting your views i also received my ballot papers and sent them back cheers
  13. I USED TO LIVE THERE TOO for 8 yrs not fun travelling everyday , good luck but it is a boring place like previously said its too quiet, no excitement lol. good luck
  14. How Much Has Everyone Lost On This Diet Then????
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