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  1. Myself and my family are on the verge of moving and may be getting a property on S2, it maybe Romandale Gardens. I just want to know if anyone has lived near by or on there and has any info etc for that area of how it is living wise.
  2. I'm looking to get back into fishing and start off with a carp setup but I'm on a budget. I'm looking for some good carp rods but not too pricey. Can anyone recommend any to look out for?
  3. So I went charity shopping for books today and I’ve literally just looked at them now and I’ve researched one of the books name Merlin At War by Mark Ellis and it’s also signed by him. I’ve researched the number line and it certainly does have the number 1 in the line of numbers which states it is a first edition hard back... I am wanting to know if it is worth anything and wondering where to go for this as I’m curious. any help appreciated
  4. I'm still waiting, it said when I ordered despatch time was as of the 12th Feb. You can enquire by phone or email so I may ring to double check
  5. Thanks and yeah i will do, I think I'm lucky they have kept the position for me for nearly a month
  6. You can't, it's an online service only else I would of done so
  7. Thanks and yeah i saw but im not paying the price, I don't see why they do it when royal mail offer the same service but they use a courier instead that also offer the same but they charge more. ---------- Post added 22-01-2018 at 23:01 ---------- I looked into this but found that you can't do this for whatever reason, has to be done online ---------- Post added 22-01-2018 at 23:02 ---------- That's good to know for future reference but it's cheaper via the other website, I'm just glad the job is still there for me, as they had to see if it was fine for the waiting time for the certificate to arrive
  8. Online at "https://www.gro.gov.uk That's the only way I could find to get a new one
  9. Does anyone know realisticly how long it takes to get a new certificate? Basically I've lost my original and I've had to order a new one for a new job and it's saying it won't be despatched until 15 days after order was placed. Is this correct or do they just have to say It?
  10. I'm going into work for kingdom services doing security and I'm looking for reviews on what it's like to work for. Has anyone worked for them before?
  11. I've sorted my stuff out today and seen they are fox warrior XT rods, I just haven't a clue what I would get for a full set of rods, chair, bivvy and a pole, and 3-4 feeder rods.
  12. Just need some info as im wanting to sell my carp rods. I have Fox Warrior Carp rods and im wondering what they would be worth, im not sure on the exact make but thats the bulk of the brand name.
  13. Hey Can anyone advise me on any fishing clubs in Sheffield currently, more to my area aswell if possible...
  14. Not sure where to post this so move to the right section if need be... I'm looking into a new career and can't really find much info on licensing... my question is do I need a license for general lanscaping/gardening or is that just for waste removal?
  15. Hey Fishing partner needed. Thinking about getting back into fishing as my tackle is just sat doing nothing. Ideally need someone who can drive, I'm willing to pay half petrol or split fees for fishing. Carp fishing is my main ask but I enjoy any other types of fishing. I'd like to have a chat before we would get into anything. Ask anything if you need to, I also live in S8 so again someone with a car and willing to travel if that's okay. Let me know
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