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  1. Hi mosaic91, I have one very nervous dog and I worried about this a lot. A&M groomers came highly recommended and I visited them on my own and had a chat. They were very helpful but recommended that I take my dog to somewhere where she would not be in a window - their salon is very open and you can see in from the street. My dog however is so nervous of people it would really scare her to see everyone walking past. Now I got another dog who is very confident so I send them together to Pets at Home (they were recommended to me as well) and I take them in early morning slots where there are few people about in the shop. The groomers there are really helpful and nice. I think most groomers are used to all sorts of dogs and behaviors - I would just recommend calling/visiting a few places and have a chat beforehand.
  2. I don´t think it is lack of poo bags that stands in the way of people picking it up, in the majority of cases. We will have the same lazy people around, only difference is that they will have a few poo bags in their pocket - that they don´t use.
  3. Hi nrana1, I just sent you a private message to try and set up a walk this Saturday - let me know if that works
  4. Hi nrana1, Are you still looking for a walking buddy? I live nearby and have a very friendly placid dog. Let me know.
  5. I have to admit that when walking my dogs on a lead I do cross the street if I see other people with dogs come towards us on the same side. It has nothing to do with breed of dog, it is just awkward letting dogs pass each other on a lead as some are much more guarded and growling and snapping can ensue. One of my dogs is quite large and smaller dogs seem to take issue with him all the time
  6. Hi all, I have read through the threads on raw feeding but still have a few silly questions regarding the practical side. I want to start raw feeding my two dogs, collie x and German Shepherd x Collie, due to their constantly itchy, flaky skin that the vets can´t seem to help with. 1. Being a vegetarian myself I am wondering whether this is a very "hands on" activity or if I can buy this mostly pre-packaged? 2. Buying it pre-packaged, is this much more expensive than say James Wellbeloved kibble? 3. I am also concerned about the cleanliness of this whole thing with regard to bacteria from the raw meats -how do you keep on top of this? If anyone would like to share their experience - I would be most grateful. Thanks Viv
  7. Another recommendation from me! Really helpful and my dogs love Chris!
  8. I have mine going in there in a few days and now I want to cancel. Is there anyone else here who has had this experience with the DogHouse? I don´t remember getting a contract when I visited.
  9. Thanks Everyone! That is a good list of places to explore
  10. Hello, I have just adopted a new lovely rescue dog who is brilliant in every way, but much too interested in sheep and pulls me all over the place when he sees them. I really like walking him off lead as he is very good but am to worried now so he is mostly on the lead and I am knackered after a walk! Can anyone recommend good walking spaces where there are no sheep about - I am near Crosspool. I know of Rivelin Valley but I am getting a bit bored of going there all the time. At Fox Hagg they are spraying something throughout August and September so we are staying away from there. I have a car so I can travel a bit. I hear people mentioning Ringinglow - are there any sheep around there? Any suggestions gratefully received.
  11. Thank you for the suggestion I have also had one pm, and I will check both options. We love Edward to bits and are keen to see her go to a nice comfy place, with lots of friends. best Viv
  12. Hello all, About two months ago our budgie, Edward, lost her budgie soulmate James Since then she seems to be a very unhappy little soul and we really feel for her. We are not keen on getting her a new friend, as we might move country in the next two years and would not be able to take them with us. We really want Edward to be happy, and I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has an aviary with a few budgies, that would allow Edward to join them. She is an older girl (probably around 8 years old) and we would really like to see her be happy again. If anyone has any tips for us, I would be most grateful. Viv
  13. Hi all, thank you for your replies. I bought them from B&Q and just put them in ericaceous compost because it said so on the label, I am a bit of a novice gardener here so I follow all guidelines to the letter The leaves on the purple tree start browning and curling from the tips whilst the orange dream just looks all droopy and sad. I am wondering now whether the drainage in the pots is perhaps not sufficient and I will try and get them out of the wind. Thanks so much everyone - I really want to try keep them trees alive:)
  14. Hello, In May I bought two little trees, one an Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum and the other Acer Palmatum Orange dream (apparently they originate from Japan). I was informed that they would do well in large pots in my semi sunny courtyard. I re-potted them with some ericaceous compost and have made sure to water them etc. They are now the most miserable looking little things I have ever seen and I have no idea what is wrong with them. The orange dream is all droopy and loosing its leaves and the atropurpureum's leaves are shrivelling and browning one by one. If anyone knows anything I can try to get them on the mend I would be most grateful. Thanks Viv
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