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  1. Did anyone work on the YTS at Hesley Wood. I was there circa 1980 learning brick laying, joinery well none really we just had a reyt laugh. Times of Adam Ants Ant Music and the original Space Invaders in the Canteen.
  2. We have a 2013 caravan on Butlins Skegness but want to move it to another site still around Skegness, does anyone know of any that accept Caravans FoC or at a minimal transfer charge ???? Thanks all
  3. 19 year old, MF , dint play last year so need to fitten up a bit, but half decent Ideally North Sheff, Chap, High Green etc.
  4. waterfront or tinsley play to circa 18
  5. No Nige Longstaff off Smith St Chap
  6. A bit like the CB thread but anyone can tell everyone else where the Auctions are. Are the ones at Base Green still going.
  7. Did anyone go to the YTS programme held at Hesley wood back in the day. I went virtually straight from school , must av been 79/80. Learned various bits like Joinery with Clary, Bricking with T, etc etc Anyone remember the Gaffer Oscar !!!! Oh we had some reyt laffs.
  8. all depends mate on where you are and your age ?
  9. thanks guys for all your offers but none just right. needs to be a yard or unit sheffield ideally 200 - 2000 sq m. thanks
  10. also looking for a unit or yard etc around north sheffield way for storage and distribution.
  11. Anybody got memories of the Old Mans Hut in Chapeltown ? We used to " doss " there from like 7PM until we had to be in ! I " dossed " around there from Mid 70s to early 80s. Regular dossers list : Athers Mand Maz Ali Reety Foz Nomp Carol Sandra Longstaff Badwin Loads more, cant remember tho
  12. God this seems years ago 9 mainly cos it is ) I went, left in 79. Ant or Tony as it were, knew you even ar Coit !! St John knew you as well , was in same class for several lessons with Trev Smith, Little Wrighty, Andy Fos. Could be here all day reminiscing. One memory was Levi being attacked by Mr Hudon !! LOL. Remember Mr Hague ? and Carney Anyone else from those years ?
  13. Anyone know where i can get some Zyban. I desp want to quit but keep failing. Doc wont give, i know side effect potentials etc. Please dont tell me dodgy online sites. Many ta's Karl
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