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  1. I can't say for certain but I have been talking to a few people and they say it could be a solar flare. I have to say it was far too big in the sky to be any of the above and for how it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.
  2. In handsworth and no it was too big an area to be just a lantern
  3. Both me and my husband witnessed a very strange phenomenon at about 1 am today Stood outside when we saw a very bright orange glow in the sky, that bright I squinted. It looked like a sunrise speeded up. I tried to take a pic but caught the after glow as it disappeared. Just wondering if anyone else saw this
  4. Honestly some people have no tact whatsoever! This is about a family I know personally and what they have been through is horrendous and very traumatic. The letter was uncalled for there was no need whatsoever for it to be sent as the school were made aware of their situation. This has not only been raised to the media but the education board itself. No one can ever put a timescale on how long arrangements before and after the funeral will take not only that but the grieving can take time. Please have a little bit of consideration before posting such hideous remarks!
  5. Five fence panels down and broken, kids slide awol, kids play house damaged beyond repair neighbours roof slates almost smashing my bay window trees on the road giving it what for and worried for my husbands safety whilst he's out there delivering shopping. Bit fed up with all this wind
  6. Iron bridge is that near white rose ? I hope everything is ok
  7. ****HIGHLY RECOMMENDED***** Sheffield flooring solutions SFS for laminate and wood flooring supply and fit
  8. Hi there just wondering if anyone can recommend a decent laminate flooring company please as im in desperate need to get my living room done TIA
  9. morrisons sell clothes now pretty decent stuff too
  10. Wow what a show! First time I've ever sat out and seen a meteor shower! Did anyone else see it?
  11. i had my 30th there and it was really good only bit of advice I would give you is to sort your own DJ out the one the venue use is absolutely rubbish ! and a rip off
  12. One resident that lives in the flats told me that theres been a murder but im not sure how true that is
  13. Mods please merge all herries road threads ---------- Post added 04-06-2013 at 17:50 ---------- Theres herries lodge and then the older elderly home and flats its the flats where the incident occurred
  14. Road blocked from taynham road to end of flats serious incident has occured in the block of flats crime scene team are there no access even to pedestrians
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