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  1. What a shame, I just managed to sell my house (that used to flood when it rained heavily), just before all this rain started. Phew, wouldn't want to go through that again.......always buy your house in rainy season !!
  3. Wow, redgates What a fab store, I got some silly putty in there, I loved that stuff !!! Wohoo, and Muscle Men, 10 skin coloured men in pot, bit odd but I liked them....
  4. Well, I moved out to Orlando in March this year from Sheffield. I had a completely open mind as I had never been to America before. A lot of you are correct in thinking that American's really don't know alot outside of their own place of residence. If one more person asks me where I am from (England), the says 'ah London' i've always wanted to go there, I will SCREAM! Okay, maybe this is just a few but everyone I have spoken to so far has said the same bar one who actually had been to Sheffield. (how quaint). As for the fact they all seem happier and more helpful in their jobs, be it restaurants, taxis, hotels etc - that's because it is customary for them to survive on tips. WAKE-UP, they are being nice to earn a LARGER TIP. If you had to survive on tips in the UK wouldn't you be smiles all day long. I think so. And it does become annoying after a while. At least we don't sugar coat things, we tell it as it is. Please. AND, what kind of a country doesn't allow kids under 21 to drink, but allows them to take their driving test at 15 and drive around in one of those STUPID STUPID SUV's (compulsary to 99% of residents). Great idea, safe as houses. Driving test for those of you who aren't familiar consists of driving round a deserted parking lot for 5 minutes, parking, reversing and doing a 3 point turn. Well that stands us all in good stead doesn't it now, I feel much safer on them there roads ! On the brighter side, myself and my husband are going to try and travel around a little just to see if another part of the US can restore our faith in the country.
  5. Ive just had my nipple done in Manchester/Leeds Piercing Studio in Leeds (on Saturday), hurt like hell but okay now. Not too far to go but they have certification. Just make sure wherever you go they have the correct certification is the best advice I can give.
  6. How about Dancing Dollar after/before Kingdom ?? Its v relaxed and costs nothing to hire, can get you on gueslist to gain entry for free if your man enough !!
  7. Waaaahhh, only just checked this after a while !! I am female !! Just thought Id update, been on love@lycos, try this site it is cool, been on 3 dates this week ! None of them were saddos either (thankfully) - hope this helps others - gonna try the match.com suggestion aswell but too many answers on lycos right now, will take me at least a year to date them all...... oh well, someone has to do it !
  8. Another good idea, cheers !! Will have to put aside some quality time to make up some interesting facts about oneself to post! Thanx guys x
  9. Might try chat rooms, thanks, any in Sheffield that you know of? Unfortunately work late in the office so college course is out of the question. Thanks for your help x
  10. Silly me, hadnt thought of that. All friends are male and at work and not allowed near them or will get sacked. Bars full of drunken fools !!! Pah.... not sure about dating agency..... lots of money??
  11. Hiya, anyone know where/how to meet decent men in Sheffield, ive been single for a year now and Im sick to death of it !! HELP......
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