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  1. I would ring ACAS see what they say. My initial thoughts would be at most a verbal but nothing beyond, giving you a chance to rectify. Not gross misconduct i dont think, specially if you are under resourced and have meetings [minutes] saying so to the employer. You need to appeal the dismissal in writing to the company for any further progression of taking the matter further
  2. Looking for players for kids football, and talented side Mosborough fc under 12. PM me
  3. We are looking for a couple more U12 players to join our growing talented team. Top training facilities, 3g pitches Quality Coaching Family Friendly PM me for more details.
  4. Meadowhall Evacuation 11.30am. Reported by Sheffield Star. Does anyone know whats going off?
  5. If you could donate guys it would be appreciated. the link is https://www.gofundme.com/4zbx3so&rcid=r01-153322686447-c1d0d510b132475d&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w
  6. Never thought of that, thanks for the idea ---------- Post added 02-08-2018 at 16:37 ---------- If your not going to be constructive please dont comment thanks
  7. Re: Sponsorship Request We are currently seeking sponsorship from companies in the local area for our Mosbourough FC U11 team going into the 2018/19 season. The sponsorship will be used to supply winter clothing. Proposal ● Company logo printed on training jackets (2yr) ● Logo print/share in our Social Media groups ● Sponsorship announced “with thanks” at Presentation events Note: Jackets that we wish to purchase with a successful sponsorship will carry over 2 seasons minimum, so exposure will actually be over a 2-year period for your business, not to mention exposure on numerous team bonding events we have throughout the year. We are looking for a sponsorship deal in the region of £300.00 for all the above benefits Thank you for taking time to consider our request and we hope to be in contact with you soon. Regards, Dale Lucas Mosborough FC – Volunteer 07728 736 640 dalelucas@live.co.uk We have now set up gofundme mepage: https://www.gofundme.com/4zbx3so&rcid=r01-153322686447-c1d0d510b132475d&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w I would appreciate anything you could donate.
  8. Killamarsh Dynamo's F.C. are looking for players to fill numerous roles within the team. 2017/18 Season we will be playing in Division C, so a good standard. We have use of a very good, flat pitch. Excellent facilities and coaching to go with that. Come down and have a trial. Call Simon (Manager) on 07825 812 530 https://ibb.co/iJw9tF
  9. Went in Saturday night, nice people nice staff. enjoyed it
  10. Killamarsh Dynamos U15 are wanting a striker (Division B football) Contact us now, train tuesday
  11. U15, striker now required may have another position ---------- Post added 18-12-2016 at 19:04 ---------- Still looking, time is ticking. Train with us this Tuesday evening
  12. I meant the 5th not the 2nd has in the title. ooops. Does anyone know where there is going to be a bonfire tonight that free to access. Possibly with some firework displays. in the S13 and surrounding areas??
  13. I work for an housing association... would this be for the disadvantaged also
  14. Players required of all positions. Division B side who offer an excellent team togetherness, development coaching, fun, competitive environment for all involved. Please contact myself or the manager, Simon Cartwright on 07825812530.
  15. Don't give up buddy, keep going you will get the break you need.
  16. The problem is food, overflowing bins, open packets of food uncooked and cooked. You'll never get rid of them tbh but could try reduce them by managing our waste better
  17. Shocking that people have to steal... hope you get them back
  18. How old do the Sheffield Council see fit that someone should have their own bedroom. What age? My mother is a foster carer of a child 5 years old lives on her own and has a daughter 15 years of age and occupies a 3 bedroom property is this classed as under tenancy?
  19. I thought Jonathan Cotterill-Bolsover were a photographer lol
  20. Wanting prices for a friend as they have booked for legoland and need prices to get there and back in a taxi?
  21. How much please from sheffield for a taxi going on 14 march returning 15th march to windsor marriott hotel near legoland
  22. We are acquiring a u13s defender within out current squad. Fun coaching styles, welcoming family club, fully qualified coaches, competitive subs. Please PM me here
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