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  1. Behave Basil or you might be on for a 2 weeks holiday.
  2. That,s Sad Rich, you never know what to expect. I am sure you would make someone a lovely husband.
  3. I have loads of Saxon stuff on CD. Will drop you some off bank holiday.
  4. One good dollop of dog shyyte and straight in the bin.
  5. Where did the .1 come from, did you have your flies undone?
  6. You might need THIS soon, but until then, My other half and me both share cooking and are equally as good as each other.
  7. They are nearly ready for leaving now anyway, LOOK
  8. A scouser paying tax? Whatever next, hoodies helping old people to cross the road?.
  9. Not at all, it ought to be at least £8000, Blooming Boy racers
  10. HERE are his mates waiting for the trains to transport them down there.
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