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  1. All occupants of pursued car escape unharmed. Wait for the 2 year suspended jail sentence. Banned driving for 3 years...... time to impose minimum jail sentence... charge with manslaughter. Mind you prisons nowadays are like holiday camps!!
  2. Or if you fail go to another county and sit their test. Get your Rossendale Council plates and legally pick up fares in Sheffield. So Sheffield think you are not right yet other counties have easier tests and rules allow you once have plates can pick up fares in another county. Network Taxis have a lot of Lancashire plate taxis.
  3. Trying to deport someone who has made himself part of the community and paid his taxes. Sad sad .....
  4. Never say never. Drakehouse Retail Park had the bright idea (????) of allowing a Starbucks drive through in the middle of the car park creating less parking and more congestion.....
  5. The layout of the parking has not been thought out and is too tight. On the entrance at the end of the road you can’t turn left without cutting across to the other side and often there is traffic waiting to turn.
  6. Will the launch be cancelled tomorrow?? With no trams using the Cathedral points due to constant failures can’t see it happening. Would be the icing on the cake...... tens millions over budget and can’t even launch on time.
  7. Don’t forget the new car drop off charges!!! About £4 for 5 mins!!! Go by train
  8. The picket line quickly disappeared at depot, drove home at 2pm and they had gone. My missus caught a tram home to Malin and she said the picket line in town boarded the tram (they were striking against operating!!!) and got off at West St at 4pm asking each other which pub to go in to spend their picket line money. Sounds like the union aren’t too hot either!!!
  9. Paid....??? Use their hard earned dole money?? Better off investing in a razor, soap and some Daz. Next time you are waiting an hour for an ambulance because they are busy treating the spiced up scroats then remember them on your Xmas card list
  10. First they started smashing the lock/tracker off. But some were being stopped by Police as blatantly obvious had been misused. Now they are resorting to keep the lock on but disabling it so doesn’t look obvious. Often see them round town being ridden by the hoodie/trackie bottom scroats.
  11. After going to Nottingham Ikea for the last few years decided to try Sheffield Ikea today. Will be returning to Nottingham. At least there all on one level. Concrete floors cracking everywhere you look. At Nottingham you start at the entrance and work your way round to the end, Simple
  12. Their car parks are unique..... the Arundel Gate one where you drive down a slope to get in. Often on Hallam University open days a guy with a placard saying Uni parking is pointing down there. Only a bottom of slope at barriers do you get to see their rates which is impossible to turn around. Again on car park behind Argos on Angel St - you drive up the slope to get to see the fees and if someone gets behind you then you are screwed. Thats how they make their money. Always full because of contract heavily discounted parking and makes it profits from the gullible public.
  13. Problem is not just the rail. The points across system need replacing at another few million. The 25 original trams are failing fast due to age (hence all the failed tram tweets). Add another least £25 million for replacing the fleet...... Ok the government might bail them out for the rail but the other costs...... Look at Sheffield Airport, Don Valley..... Unless serious investment then back to ripping up the track and probably just keeping the Middlewood to Meadowhall line and the tram train.
  14. They are building the new library and health centre but haven't taken into account any parking which there is a severe lack of on Woodseats...... doh.... doesnt sound like Sheffield council From what I gather the doctors at bottom of Cobnar is stopping where it is and the medical centre is more of a Jordanthorpe type centre offering a range of services. Disability parking will be needed + staff parking. Give me a spare tenner and would bet on Gary Scotting selling the land to the council for a tidy profit so can be used as a carpark.
  15. Article in Rotherham Advertiser last week said Tram Train project being stopped by Govt as not financially viable??
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