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  1. Hi guys, I know this is an old post, just just to let you know. Steel city muscle is opening on middlewood road. Good size family run business with enough equipment to never get board. Mark and Carl Stevenson own the place. Marks won numerous completions. And a huge amount of knowledge. Carl's been training for a Good amount of year now to know his stuff. The gym is in the old Beeley wood pub, 500-502 middlewood rd. S6. Cheers
  2. Drive by shootings? ---------- Post added 15-06-2015 at 08:48 ---------- A pub may have been a better option to you, but we Have no interest in opening another put that would likely fail and loose 1000's of pounds. We think our gym will be very different from the rest. Next summer we will be looking at doing a sommer fair, having competitions etc. we will be running class's for children, doing games days. We want to get everyone involved young or old.
  3. Aww don't be too hard on the Winn gardens guys. Most amazing community spirit on there. Good bunch of people. Would all be very welcome. We defiantly will be looking at running class's next year.
  4. Hi all, I'm the partner of the new owners of the Old Beeley wood pub s6. We are going to be opening a gym, body building to start with but branching out into other aspects next year. Is there anything you guys would like to do or see? We are oping to be open from the 1st September the referb starts 1st August. Let us no your thoughts Steel city muscle
  5. Hi all, Looking for somewhere to hold our boys 18th birthday party. Would have to be able to have kids and adults there. Hillsborough area or town (ish) All ideas welcome Cheers
  6. Laughing our heads off. Those of some cool boots.
  7. There about 40 quid Geoff so was just seeing if anyone was feeling kind x
  8. Hey guys This is a long shot, but I'm wondering if there is any nice builders/roofers etc out there that would lend or rent us there roof ladder for a couple of hours on Sunday. I'm in s5 next to longley park. It's just to drop a new flue liner down chimney. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all. My black lab went missing 2 data ago, at wharncliffe side in sheffield. He is black, medium build, 9 years old, white patches on his chest and back paws. His name is laird, he is extremely friendly and a much loved family pet. Please pm me if u see or know anything. I've tried all options. Dog warden, kennels, police. Locals farms post office local pubs Etc etc
  10. Demi545 I have 2 stables empty. They are 125 per month on full diy. hope this helps.
  11. I have a stable, but the horse would need to be stabled until April so I'm told, don't no much about horses. I have great hack but my fieldis too wet at mo. ---------- Post added 23-11-2013 at 21:23 ---------- Ps I'm in s35 wharncliffe side
  12. 07854461584 Julie ---------- Post added 30-11-2013 at 08:50 ---------- Stables still available
  13. Hi, I know its a while ago since you posted this, but are you still looking? I have 2 stables in S35. Pm me for more information
  14. Hi all, I have 2 Stables avalible on my farm as DIY. Stables are a good size and there is room for all food and hay to be kept in a seperate room. £125 per stable per month. Great hacking and scenery Pm me if your intrested ---------- Post added 30-11-2013 at 08:50 ---------- Stables still available
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