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  1. Fil-Lip

    App for repeated actions

    At a guess. No. I believe it would mean that one app would have to be able to access the other apps programming on some level. Also as there are thousands of game apps which are all different and programmed differently it, I'm guessing just wouldn't be possible. I could be totally wrong tho. Maybe someone else has more insight. ---------- Post added 04-10-2013 at 07:27 ---------- I know it's possible on a computer as you can install software that will allow you to tell the mouse to click etc. Think it's called mouse controller.
  2. Fil-Lip

    iPad 2 Screen Repair?

    Ive just done my daughters. It cost £22 for a replacement glass front. If the LCD is damaged underneath then it would cost you more. It was the first time I had attempted it and wasnt too bad to be honest. It is worth a try if you are DIY minded. Go on you tube as mentioned before they show you everything in great detail.
  3. Fil-Lip

    Gas pre-payment meters

    47p at a guess wont last until Friday. It all depends also on what things you have on. Looking at the time you wrote this I would say that it would run out this morning at the latest. As I say it really does depend on what you have switched on though.
  4. I use installous but also purchase through the App Store. Yes installous has closed but all apps still available through other means. Won't post here as that's against rules but I'm back up again using another app that does the same.
  5. Fil-Lip

    Kakarikis For Sale

    I have 4 Kakarikis for sale - 3 Buttercup yellow and 1 green pied. They currently live outside in an aviary but are equally at home indoors. Very cute little birds. Wanting £75 for all 4. Pm me if you require any further information. Thanks NOW SOLD
  6. Fil-Lip

    Cockateil wing clipped

    Alan is totally correct. A bird should never just have one wing clipped. If wing clipping is done it should be done with least amount of clipping so the bird is able to land safely without breaking it's breast bone. I personally don't like clipping but that's just my personal opinion. I have several parrots and numerous other birds. Non of which are clipped. Like Alan says clipping can lead to lots of issues. Hope you get the little might sorted.
  7. Makes you wonder does it not. If she is so brazen to slap a child across the face in public. What she does to the child in private?? Where does the slapping stop and the punshing begin? Just because you may have got smacked as a child doesn't make it right. Oh and yes I have 3 kids and never smacked any of them. Let's be honest. Most parents smack etc out of their own frustration. Makes them feel better. Just my opinion of course.
  8. I agree to totally. I believe you have quite a bit of experience in various areas Etc but as mentioned this needs to be broken down into some kind of structure keeping things simple but also to the point. Bullet points are a must. Also remember that you will have to tailor your CV to every particular job you apply for as they will be looking for different skills and requirements. All the best.
  9. Fil-Lip

    Christmas whos looking forward to it

    Love it. 10 days off work to really enjoy it all. Normally only get a couple of days off in the past which makes it a joke really.
  10. From tax credit website. Hope it helps a little. If your child lives with more than one person Only one household can get Child Tax Credit for a child. You might look after a child who sometimes lives with you and sometimes lives with someone else. You can't both get Child Tax Credit for the same child, so you'll have to decide who should get it. You can't claim Child Tax Credit if your child doesn't live with you at all - even if you're paying maintenance. If you can't agree who'll claim If you can't agree who'll get the Child Tax Credit, both of you should claim for the child. Then the Tax Credit Office will decide for you. They'll contact both of you so that they can work out who has main responsibility for the child. They will consider things that include the number of days the child lives with you, and where they keep most of their clothes and toys. If you're already getting Child Tax Credit for your child Someone else might make a claim for a child you're getting Child Tax Credit for. If this happens, the Tax Credit Office may ask you to tell them why you think you have main responsibility for that child. If you can't agree who should get the Child Tax Credit, the Tax Credit Office will decide for you. You'll still keep getting paid while they make their decision.
  11. I could be wrong but u can only claim once for each child. Tax credits are not really interested who claims. But only one claim is allowed. They normally leave it up to the patents/guardians to decide. So the above poster is correct basically. One claim only.
  12. Fil-Lip

    Water in Foxhill

    Sounds about right - Idiots ....... Its now on the S.Yorkshire website saying there is a problem
  13. Has anyone else in Foxhill S6 area had a drop in water pressure and tea coloured water coming out with sedement at low pressure. Thought the shower was broken but think it may be due to low pressure.. Rang S.Yorks Water but they are not aware of anything.
  14. Tried camping once years ago. Never again we borrowed what we thought was a tent from someone we knew. Had great difficulty in erecting it until another friendly camper pointed out that it wasn't a tent but a caravan awning. Good job it was a warm evening because we only had 3 sides. It was so embarrassing. Still makes me laugh when I think about it.
  15. Fil-Lip

    Why can't I get employed?

    I have always found that you will need to vary your cv accordingly. Obviously all your employment history and qualifications will remain the same but other parts will need to be adapted to suit. Also when filling in application forms ensure that you answer all the key points they are looking for. Many companies work on a points system when looking at your application. If you don't score enough then no interview. It's hard work put it will pay off. Don't be put off by these set backs. I'm sure you will gain employment in time. Always act natural at interviews. They know you will be nervous and will take that into consideration. Body language is also very important as is eye contact with the person/s that are interviewing you. All the best and stay positive.

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