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  1. Well thats it then, one more game left and the football season is over. Then it's out with the old off road bike and a nice long summer zooming around westwood park. yippeeeeee............do you like it?.........motorbike it.
  2. Anyone want to know if investment is being put into SUFC, just go and look for yourselves,then go and look at hillsborough. I can't believe how any wednesday fan could give a toss about uniteds finances or be stupid enough to comment on them when their club finances are so dire.
  3. And exactly how much will that benifit SWFC?:huh.:
  4. Read the thread title and heres your anawer.
  5. yep £15 for a cheap t shirt with a couple of quids worth of printing you could have done yourself...
  6. posted on three different threads, your boring fella.
  7. Send one to the Swfc who backed Dave Allen in his venture into the law courts.
  8. you never know mate, you might even get as repetative as mr benn.
  9. the introduce yourself thread was posted by a blade.
  10. 50 posts on this thread, 14 from you repeating yourself..
  11. I bet her eyes lit up when she saw him digging in the garden, 4 years waiting all coming to an end. glad to hear his backs better love...
  12. Someone ought to report that post. Wishing a fellow poster dead...
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