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  1. Shoeshine was one of the Forum's bright stars - his humanity, good sense, intelligence and humour shone through his many posts. Like several others on here, I had the pleasure of conversing with Peter by email, so got to know him a little as a person as well as a fine poster. RIP Shoeshine.
  2. red, wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.
  3. And we know what is likely to happen then, courtesy of yet another monumental folly in migration policy perpetrated by the previous Labour government. Migrants from the A8 countries have generally been regarded as primarily worker migrants rather than welfare migrants for the reason mentioned above. However, from the 1st May, due to the Labour government's failure to even attempt to negotiate any kind of opt out from the EU policy of free movement, they will be able to claim benefits and therefore will have less incentive to seek work and even less incentive to go home. Moreover, it is not true that East European migration has had no impact on our welfare system. There are reckoned to be at least 80,000 children from these countries currently living in the UK, not counting the 35,000 or so whose parents are receiving UK child benefit in their home countries. In any case, migration from the A8 countries constitutes only a small proportion of total migration and so we should the addressing non-EU migration as a primary concern.
  4. 1. England, where the vast majority of migrants end up. is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. We are without doubt overpopulated, and facetious drivel about 'building more houses' to accommodate the new migrants will not solve this problem, any more than the equally factious argument about 'building new roads' will solve the problem of congestion. 2. As for unemployment. you ignore the fact that migrants are demand creating as well as supply filling, so it is ludicrous to argue that they are necessary to fill in employment gaps. Migration for this purpose enters the realm of the economics of the madhouse. 3. Regarding the NHS, you ignore the fact that migrants tend to be of child bearing age and therefore do put disproportionate demands on the NHS, as well as on our education system and other welfare services. Moreover, they will in due course become old themselves, so again will put pressure on the NHS. I wonder if you actually believe the farrago of tired, old and demonstrably false cliches about the benign effects of mass immigration, or whether you are having us all on.
  5. I think perception is an important factor here. A blanket ban would send a clear message out to those thinking of migrating to another country that the UK is off limits. Conversely, the current perception abroad appears to be that all you have to do is to get to the UK and then. by various means, you can stay for good and gain access to benefits undreamed of 'at home'. Of course, we will never reduce inward migration to absolute zero, nor should we, but in my view a blanket ban at the present time is the only method of sharply reducing the insane levels of migration experienced since 1997. The current policy has so many exceptions to it that it will prove to be virtually useless as a means of sharply reducing migration levels.
  6. A predictably pathetic response from Cable. This Pavlovian reaction to any prominent figure who calls for a halt to the insane levels of migration into the UK is the standard response of so-called Liberals. The Liberals (or 'Lib-Dems, under their current guise) have opposed every single attempt to curb mass immigration, dating back to the 1960s. Moreover, they have never wanted an open debate on the issue, preferring instead to seek to close down discussion of the issue by accusing the proponents of debate of 'stirring up hatred' etc etc. One only has to remember the almost identical response of the egregious Clegg to Frank Field's remarks on immigration some time back, which were very similar to those of Cameron today. Will Cameron's speech today constitute a watershed in relation to inward migration? I very much doubt it - but I hope I am wrong.
  7. we should remember also that, without racing, most race horses wouldn't exist in the first place. The same of course is true of most farm and domestic animals. For example, the reason why there are so many sheep in the world is that we eat them.
  8. What is not widely known, due to confidentiality clauses in SF moderators' contracts, is that the moderators on this forum do receive various emoluments and perks, which together make the position of moderator very attractive indeed. For example, I have it on good authority that moderators do receive salaries which place them in the upper tax bracket, together with inclusion in a final salary pension scheme, plus free membership of BUPA. Additionally, at least one member of the admin team is given a 'grace and favour apartment' and also a company car. There are also various other perks offered to members of the moderation team, such as subsidised gym membership and free manicures and pedicures. As a matter of course, all moderators are offered a choice between a laptop, netbook or ipad. None of the moderators will of course admit to any of the above, because of the confidentiality clauses I mention in my first paragraph.
  9. I have looked at the current and impending alternatives to the Ipad 2, not least because of the deficiencies of the latter (i.e. no flash player; no usb etc) but have decided to get an Ipad 2 after all. My main reason is that, even with the above deficiencies, the Ipad 2 is still better than the competition in terms of usability, design and the availability of a wide range of applications. I am under no illusions about the limitations of the Ipad 2 - it is certainly no substitute for a laptop or netbook and i don't expect to be able to perform many business tasks on it, apart from emailing. However, after playing around with an Ipad 2 in the Apple Store and in John Lewis, I have decided I definitely want one. I don't need one, but i do want one. My only problem at the moment is the waiting list. I was told at John lewis that it is between 6 to 8 weeks. The Apple store should have them in sooner, hopefully in time for Easter,
  10. The operative word here is 'likely'. Just because in this instance it did not cause a breach of the peace, the fact that it could well have done is in my view sufficient grounds for prosecution in this case.
  11. It may seem odd to you. Others might regard it as an example of natural human curiosity about other human beings.
  12. I said I was curious about where they come from. I was not criticising them or their service in any way. Indeed, as i have already said, they provide a very good service and I don't find them pushy.
  13. Looking at the ISPs proves very little, since access to more than one ISP is very common.
  14. Not quite. My understanding is that the 'proxy' part relates to someone else (usually a child) whose parent (usually a mother) is seeking sympathy and attention.
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