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  1. Hi Craig, Reading theough this with my dad. He asked of your surename is haythorne? A lot of names mentioned were his friends. Thanks
  2. My dad said he remembers it well, he used to work there.
  3. We have just recently had our fencing done and used Hillsborough Fencing after shopping around. We wanted quality fences not the kind that is all splinted. Great service.
  4. Hi, David Turley is my uncle, does anyone remember my mum? Lindsey Turley?
  5. Andrew who lived on Newfield green road is my uncle. Gordon is my dad.
  6. This was about a boiler not a trampoline or BBQ being stolen. I didn't mean you shouldn't as for all it is your garden and yes people shouldnt be walking up there all I mean is dont leave things like that out if you aware they are walking up and down because if its there and certain people see it they will take it. The scrap men I know stay sat in the van and look for things which are left out for them at the side of the road and go and collect from phone calls they have received. I have never been aware of them walking up back gardens and taking anything they see but obviously there are people which are doing this and are giving all scrap men a bad name.
  7. If you read my post again i never said you needed a waste carriers to take it to the tip i said to the scrap yard to get the £25 he believed it to be worth. And that's fine but they shouldn't all be tarred with the same brush.
  8. I live on the Arbourthorne and have never had any problems here. There are good and bad parts of each neighbourhood and just because we happen to have a tram stop at the side of a block of flats doesn't mean its a bad area, they may look a little run down but wouldn't anything 50-60+ years down the line.
  9. As said before there are good scrap men not all are 'dodgy' Most just collect items which are left on the road side which people wish to be removed or if things are seen to be on your front garden or drive they knock to see if you wish for it to be taken. If you know there are scrap men about which have been walking up gardens why leave items around which they will take. Also what were you expecting to do with the boiler? Unless you have a waste carriers licence you are unable to take this to the scrap yard your self to get the £25 you believe it to be worth. If you haven't realised they are only trying to earn a living as you and i do and also help a lot of people out by doing so. If they weren't to do the job you would either have to take these items to the tip your selves or pay for them to be removed.
  10. Agreed, Wosskow Brown Solicitors are very good. Recently won Yorkshire Lawyers of The Year Award aswell.
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