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  1. This is the funniest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Fruit getting fruity!!!
  2. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=505791 Take a look at this. Not the same situation but same feelings!!!!!!!!!
  3. My mum collects dolls has hundreds old and new. Shes always fixing them or making her own. I could ask her for you if ya like???
  4. I believe cat pens are the best option. I mean you wouldnt allow your 2 year old child to go out alone at night or play by a main road or your dog for that matter. I know cats like to roam and explore, and some cats would not take to being caged in. But I find most cats adapt quite happily. If there is enough for them to enjoy, lots of places to lounge in the sun and run around. Even better if they are introduced from kittens. It gives you the peace of mind that your furry friend is safe and well without being locked indoors, and no danger of being hit by a cr, pinched or worse, also no more unhappy neighbours (cat poop in gardens) or dead birds!! http://www.catsofaustralia.com/cat-enclosures.htm The link is from Austrailian pens but it gives a good idea what can be done etc etc. All my cats live happily indoors with access to the pen and are all fine x
  5. Yeah she messaged me. They did move away without him, which is awful:( but I did read a story the other day about a woman who was reunited with her dog after 8 years, due to a microchip!! So never give up hope just make sure to keep address details up to date!!
  6. I know its awful, my cat went missing but luckily came back after a couple of days. I have seven cats now and spent £800 building a giant cat run in my back garden. They all love it, and have all been in it since being kittens. They still get to go outside and lounge in the sunshine, watch birds ets but I know where they are and that they are safe and well.
  7. No not at all. He did have a weak moment at one point and the only reason nothing happend was because I had smoked a cigarette and had no chewing gum, so couldnt respond!!!! I was gutted, i didnt want that to be his memory of our first kiss, stale smoke!!!!!!!!! Although you raise a valid point I do believe the cant have feeling adds to the desperatly want feeling and makes it, all the more stronger feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Bees are brill!!!!!!!!! Love em. Tiny hairs on their backs in lovley colours, such hard workers and fascinating creatures. One was injured on my patio. I put some honey on a spoon and watched as it sat a drank it with its long curly tongey sucky thing!!! Im sure there is a name for it. It rested a while and then buzzed off a happy bee!.
  9. ya shouldnt kill anything. Everything has the right to live, pesky or not!!! You cant get in to the mind of a wasp so you dont know its stinging for no reason, maybe its a bit scared , having a bad day or just peed off you are stopping it having its lunch. That poor wasp may not have eaten for days!!! And yes I have been stung by a wasp and it did hurt, so has my cat!!! I still wouldnt kill one:hihi: Live and let live
  10. How long is one expected to wait? Its been 33 years now and im getting bored!!!!!
  11. I know what you mean Millhouses!!, life just seems to be one long search for the right person!!!! Im starting to think its all a myth, this soul mate business:roll: Just something we have created to make us feel better, like there is hope of meeting the right person at the right time and living happily ever after!!! Im now a non believer as I have discovered, quite painfully, that even if you are lucky enough to meet him he may just not be available for duty!!!!
  12. I did but no answer there either??????
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