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  1. yes not sign of double yellow lines ---------- Post added 12-06-2015 at 14:49 ---------- I have missed the appeal should I pay this private company or leave it? ---------- Post added 12-06-2015 at 14:50 ---------- less that one hour ---------- Post added 12-06-2015 at 14:51 ---------- They told me that this a scam about this private company!!!!!!
  2. Anybody have received a parking fine in Iceland car park at Langsett Road for not clear reason?
  3. hi there has it been used for pet bedding? if so, no good to me but if not may take it off your hands. thanks
  4. Hi Can someone remind me what the car service is called where you pick a car up,drive to your destination and deposit it? Its not quite the same as hiring ut similar. It saves you the hassel of owning your own car. I keep seeing the cars about town, they have a sign on the side a caption bubble, green I think, with the company name in it.
  5. u gotta post some photos...please u got to x
  6. bought 2 from pound land last week. the one where ABC cinema use to be, opp big coop in town
  7. I would like to know if someone know which website you need to go book the cheapest course to beome a gym instructor thanks
  8. Who is interested in subbuteo tournament? Gian
  9. where can i find a free web site to build and easy?
  10. ...to carry out a little but regular work. I'm a Dental Technician...please let me know if you can help Thanks
  11. in the ground at the mo...beets, onion and spring onion, leeks, salad various,carrots, mushrooms. Can I leave any of the above veg in the ground over winter? Just don't want to pick it all and it get ruined. Also if the allotment is redundant over the winter, what should I do with it? Only got the allotment this year, this is all very new...
  12. I've read that miso is really good for you so went out and bought some paste. The trouble is the lady in the chinese supermarket said 'you just drink it' (it doesn't look like you just drink it, its solid!) I asked about making soup or how long it lasted after being opening but she didin't know. Does any one know any receips or have info on what to do woth my tub of miso brown paste? There isn't any english on the labelling either. Thanks
  13. Thanks everyone,there is some evidence of leaves on the floor so maybe birds as someone mentioned. However, I hadn't been using nets and was trying to find pellets that were environmental friendly. However, the net wil go on this week along with any old slug pellets I can find. Thanks again
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