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  1. Thailand (since 1995), but worked all over the world, Born Sheffield....miss the Sheffield fish cakes (fish beteween 2 slices of potato, in batter) & Ward's beer
  2. My thoughts exactly, Sheffield was great growing up, not a place that I would want to be now. I miss the old Sheffield, I don;t miss to-days Sheffield. I've worked all over the world and now live in Thailand for the past 16 years.
  3. What about the Buccaneers with Robert Shaw
  4. I remember that, I also learned to swim at the Upperthorpe baths. Going once a week from Netherthorpe school and paying a penny for hot drink of OXO afterwards. I guess that was in the earl part of the 1950's
  5. I left school (Tapton) Christmas 1962 ( I think it was the last of pupils leaving at Christmas time), but the same cross country route applied then. I also was no stranger to being canned by numerous teacher's, after a while it beame a joke.
  6. Good it wasn't me (that broke your nose), I got married July 1969 and I only went to the Heartbeat on very rare occaisons after that (with my wife & friends) I worked away (not working in Sheffield since 1963, not lived in Sheffield since 1985, not lived in the uk since 1995) I did like the Heartbeat,1968 I was working down south and I used to get a long week end every 6 weeks, my father used to pick me up from the railway station and we usualy go straight to the Heatbeat, him in is working clothes (steeleworker, ) and me in wranglers), we stayed in until it closed then he'd drop me off at home (usualy with a girlfriend) and he'd go back to work. Those were the day's (I think Mary Hopkins said that)
  7. was this around 1967 you got your nose broke? My mother was the manageress of the snack bar (bowling alley) my fatehr was a part time bouncer (Bowling Alley/casino & the heartbeat if trouble occured) The dress code was shirt & tie, no jeans for the heartbeat. I worked away from home and used to arrive in Sheffield late of night (train) I used to get in the Heartbeat in wranglers or levis (cause of my father) I remember breaking someones nose (larking about, rather than aggression)
  8. They were at near to the front ,right hand side of the screan, some memorable parts of my growing up included those seats, the names I forget . the seats I will never forget.
  9. Fess Parker, I retired from work Dec 2009, Prior to that I was working on Sakhalin Island (A Russian Island off the mainland Russia north of Japan) living in camps in remote locations of the island, we relied on DVD (some movies) some documentary's. We had various documentary's on wines and a major wine maker & distrubutor was (The ) Fess Parker. I was asked prior to seeing the video did anyone no who Fess Parker was. Seeing Davy Crocket & later Davey Crocket & the river pirates , both at the Abbeydale. It was an imediate response on my part. I have also visited the Alamo when I was working in the USA. The 50's also the 60's were a memorable part of my growing up.
  10. I was born on Meadow Street 1947 (No.3 I think), don't remember too much about living on Meadow St. But later my family had a cafe on Netherthorpe Place . Myself & my brother went to Netherthorpe school, As did my father & his brother a decades plus before. I remember stories of fighting families & my grandfather used to asdk things to calm down whilst my grandmother visited the outside toilet.
  11. I was born in Sheffield & lived on Chesterfield Road at Woodseats 2 locations one before I was married & one later after marraige(moved away & moved back), I class Woodseats as one of the places that I stayed the longest. But that was quite a few years ago
  12. 911Wasalie, Musqat, when the family was with me, other times various parts of the interior for PDO, I also worked in Saudi while based in the Oman. 1999-2001, I was also there when Pricess Diana got killed, but I was based in the UAE at that time.
  13. I don't remember too much about the lower part of Pearl St as I lived the top side of Washington Road. The Co-op (bottom of Cemetary Road) I think every one used, I remember the loop system they used for sending money to different parts of the store.
  14. I saw John O'Hara & the playboys many times (workingman clubs). One of the best pubs for groups around that time was the Blue Bell Hackenthorpe. I had great discussions with John O'Hara one night, at a place neither of us should have been (sobering up)
  15. Asawin, My wife can't handle the cold mornings here, never mind the UK. She's been a few places with me China, Vietnam, Singapore, UAE ,Oman & Bangladesh, We have a 11 year old boy & once he was in full time school her travelling stopped. The last time they was with me was in Vietnam & I think that was over 5 years ago. My son & I went to Australia on holiday 2009 during his school holidays he loved it and we had temperatures around 4 deg C in Sydney, visiting the Blue mountains where it had snowed the day previous (all had disapeared by the time we got there)We only stayed 4 days in Sydney & then went up to Brisbane the temperatures were more favorable 17 coldest 21 warmest, too cold for swimming (for us) but we wents to various theme parks , some several times. I retired last year, not too old only 62, & his school activities keep me busy. He's heavy into sports & his school activities go into the week ends and long after normal school time 14:40 Hrs finishes. He either wants to be picked up at 16:00 or 16:30. He's at school on Saturday 9:00 until 15:00 this Saturday rehearsal for a school show next month. We play chess , go 10 pin bowling & play manopoly (Sheffield edition, which my oldest son brought over last November(Xmas presant) I have an avairy , budgies, love birds , cockatails & doves (all breading at the moment) I have fish outside the house & inside the house, so I'm kept pretty busy & time flies by) not fogetting 2 dogs, 1 sleaps with us & goes with us practically every where. Anyway take care it was good to hear from you.
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