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  1. I had a few loans with Nat West over the past 10 years. Went into the bank in June asking about PPI (wasnt sure if I'd taken it) They were most unhelpful, chucked me a form and said 'ring the number on the top'. I did, they informed me they'd sold me PPI on 4 occasions and would investigate. 16 weeks later I've just been offered nearly £3000!! I also had a Virgin credit card in 2002, found an old statement that clearly says I was paying PPI...gave them a ring......another £400 back. Make a few enquiries and do it yourself!!
  2. Hi people, can I have the code to join the league? Cheers!
  3. Crickey! Not been around this forum for yonks and it's really good to see a thread I started THREE years ago is still going and had a brilliant outcome!! Will be down the Rutland very soon to try the food and ale.....cant wait!!
  4. Article here from tonights Star http://www.thestar.co.uk/diary/Justin-time-for-sex-and.5251077.jp
  5. Local playright Justin Scott brings to life 3 short plays on the trials and tribulations of relationships. Performed by 2 excellent local actors and with songs in-between by yours truely Dave Sleney. Starts at 9pm till 10pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (12th, 13th & 14th May) at The Grapes, Trippet Lane, £5 on the door. A true first for The Grapes. *Contains Very Adult Material* (See Martin Dawes column in The Star Monday 11th May) Cheers Dave
  6. I'd like to see the old 'proper' Sheffield Show come back in Hillsborough park, when they had the army stands and stuff, live bands and that. Also remember them displaying a submarine there in the 70's.
  7. Neil McSweeney / Justin Rutledge at The Grapes 6th March. Truely mesmorizing!
  8. The Springsteen tribute is actually on Sunday 25th March folks. I know because I'm on the bill. Hope to see a few there. Cheers Dave x
  9. Suprised nobody has mentioned the Dog & Partridge on Trippet Lane! Top pint of Guinness, friendly staff! A proper boozer like Fagans, Red Deer, Bath Hotel in town. Also quite partial to the Gardeners Rest at Neepsend and The Fat Cat.
  10. How true that is Basil! I'm a regular in The Dog & Partridge and Fagans which always seem to do well, the beer is always spot on and atmosphere great! Drinkers need to wake up and start fighting to keep pubs like the Rutland open, as someone said earlier 'Use them, or lose them!!'
  11. This sounds like a good night out. Will definately be along later!
  12. Brilliant gig by a bloke on the top of his game.
  13. Richard is doing a 'double' set and doing some acoustic before bringing the band out! I reckon be in yer seat for 8ish!
  14. True, that comment is misleading. You'd think that building would have some kind of listing to start with? It's a lovely old building.
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