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  1. We applied on Sunday 29 March, I phoned yesterday and someone said they would give me a call back. Received the call back inside ten minutes and was told all processed and should receive the money in 3-5 days. checked account today and money had gone through. Faultless service from SCC, many thanks!
  2. Turner's Bottle & Tap on Abbeydale Rd in addition to their wide selection in bottle/cans have 8 kegs lines on for take outs in 1 litre growler bottles or 2 pint cartons.
  3. Called into Turners craft beer bottle shop the other day - they are just up the road from the Dead Donkey. I was talking to the new owners, they’ve have had their licence changed so you can now drink in as well as take out. They’ve got a good selection and four keg beers on tap, with another four taps been fitted in early August. Lots of variety out there now for decent beers!
  4. Sorry, can't see how this will leave journey times the same as they are now for outwards bound traffic at rush hour. Currently there are three lanes for outward bound traffic at rush hour, first lane is for traffic going up Chesterfield Rd, second is for Broadfield Rd and third is for Wolseley Rd. These plans will mean the first lane will be for both Chesterfield Rd & Broadfield Rd, which will lengthen the queuing time in that lane. As for the Wolseley Rd lane, there will be vehicles in that lane queue jumping by trying to cut into the other lane and so blocking that lane for those vehicles going up Wolseley Rd - this already happens when the system runs on two lane. When Amey took on the contract they did so know the contraflow system was in place and their quote should surely have included the cost of maintaining it, not scrapping it for something cheaper?
  5. A great short film about the last Putter, i.e. he puts them together. http://www.storyingsheffield.com/stories/the-putter/
  6. Lived on Empire Road for the last 18 months or so, which is in the area you've been looking at. Not had any problems - apart from Amey doing the road resurfacing! The area is very close to the the things you've mentioned, but also easy to get into town or out to the Peak district.
  7. You'll need to report it to the council's environmental health team. The 101 adviser needs some re-training, it doesn't matter one bit if the issue is confined to a private residence. The following link will give you more information. http://asbhelp.co.uk/
  8. I saw a small, black quad being confiscated by SYP yesterday afternoon, at the junction of Edgedale Rd & Bannerdale Rd.
  9. We get ours from Wesley Nicholls, £90 for a large builders merchant sack. The wood is always seasoned and never had a problem with it.
  10. The spa at Broadfield Rd Virgin is much better than the Millhouses one.
  11. Lack of hot water would be classed has a CAT 1 hazard under the Housing Health and Rating System. In this case the local authority would be able to obtain a warrant of entry, repair the boiler under emergency remedial action and bill the landlord back the cost of the repair work.
  12. Contact the Sheffield City Council's Private Sector Housing Team and request a housing inspection. They will arrange to inspect your property and assess it using the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS). HHSRS looks at 29 potential health & safety hazards within a property, these range from damp/mould growth, excessive cold, through to food safety and electrical safety and assesses the likelhood of an incident arising from the condition of the property and the likely harmful outcome. The assessment will show the presence of any hazards; serious hazards are Category 1 and less serious Category 2. If any Cat 1 hazards are found to be present, then the local authority must take the most appropriate action, this could include serving on the landlord a legaly enforceable notice requiring them to undertake improvement work in the property or doing the works it self and claiming the costs back off the landlord.
  13. Try Hearth & Home on London Rd, they supply and fit.
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