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  1. Does anyone know what state of affairs it is at newfield green?will I be able to get to work tomorrow on the 1a in the morning?
  2. My daughter somehow managed to lose her favourite peppa pig toy in abbeydale Tesco this morning did anyone find it?? To say she's devastated is an understatement
  3. I'm after a shower taking off a bathroom wall safely asap anyone recommended anybody?
  4. I had the misfortune of frequenting the red lion@Bakewell,choosing to have a pint of real ale Chatsworth Gold what a mistake that was,watered-down to the point of tasting like spring water you could see through it,i returned it to the bar when questioned by obnoxious bar staff,there reply was 'its supposed to taste like that',what the ****,I've sampled hundreds of pints of real ale and never had a bad one until now,that's one pub??!! I'll never be in again they need to visit the Manvers now that's a quality run pub
  5. Does anyone know when the mop man is selling his mops on the moor or if he still sells them there?
  6. My son is 10,wot is the specs and advantages/disadvantages of them?
  7. I'm looking at getting. PSP for my son but have seen various models and prices I just want the basic model can anyone recommended which I One?
  8. can anyone suggest a way of cleaning the glass on my oven door? ive tried almost everything:huh:
  9. does anyone know an alternative to iTunes?
  10. ive got a new nokia phone that runs on windows can anyone suggest any games/apps?
  11. im upgrading my mobile but cant decide between nokia lumia or Samsung??
  12. does anyone know how 2 get finger marks off the television screen? Kids ey????
  13. can anyone recomed a free cloud storage website?
  14. wots everyones favourite time of the day?mine is b4 0900hrs
  15. does anyone know what has happened 2 that homeless bloke who used to sit outside crucible everyday?not seen him 4 ages:huh:
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