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  1. It just shows things go round, look at some of the young girls today, look like boys LOL !
  2. Wife and I visited the first C&A they opened, it's way up in the north of Holland Noord something or other, the store was just the same as when it first opened, wooden floors, etc amazing!
  3. When I started I was 21 and Albert Rodgers showed me the "ropes" Albert's son was the same age as me, his name is Brian (met him a few times) Brian went on to form "The Brian Rodger's Dancers) very famous group of dancers, and still going strong as far as I know maybe with name change. The other driver you mention,(think his name was Doug not sure) he was the one whose cab I drove for the Hackney test with Inspector Nelson remember him?. ---------- Post added 10-01-2014 at 07:59 ---------- I "took it over" as you say!
  4. I was a driver for Tomlinson's in the 60's the night controller was called Harold he always had the fire roaring in the winter, and the massive kettle was always full lol, there was an old church pew to sit on .
  5. Ken's wife was Angie she was a former "Miss Derbyshire". cheers,
  6. Speaking of The Norfolk Arms Carlisle St, does anyone remember it when it was "Slackers" Ken Slack owner:hihi:
  7. Hi eebygum, yes i worked at John Walsh as it was, i was there late 50,s 60,s did you work there?
  8. Hipropane man, living in Linconshire now, cheers
  9. I,m Tare19 You a friend of Buzz?
  10. Hi, folks back in the UK for good now after 5 years in Portugal, so any old friends who know us, get in touch, be nice to hear from you.
  11. Felt i must give a reply, being an "old" Sheffielder born and bred, myself and family have just returned to the UK from Portugal after four and a half years,we are presently looking for accommodation in NE Lincs, it,s true there are "rough" areas wherever you live but as someone said old memories drag you back,along with other reasons. As for Sheffield there are dozens of us "Wests" there,lots of whom i,ve never met. Once we are settled,i plan a trip back to the old City, as my 3yr old has never been there, if, we get hooted at in our (P) plated car,then so what it happens all over Europe, as for the person who would love to move to the "Sun" i,ve a nice house i can do you a good deal on in PT!
  12. God, you lot are making me feel old," Dan Dare pilot of the future" i remember my mum saying "he,ll be walking to,nite" apparently i used to "walk" downstairs still asleep, every time i had listened to the program earlier,i,m amazed i never fell down them lol. Memories are made of this!
  13. My only memory and contact with Jarvis Cocker was as follows: My nephew Murray Fenton had a band,(can,t remember the name) but they used to play in a room above a pub on West Street, as a doting uncle i used to take their gear for them in my car to the pub,on this particular occasion i went upstairs to watch: The band starts playing,and there were a couple of steps upto the stage,(quite a good room as i recall,anyway while i,m watching i notice this young man,curly red hair and glasses,sort of bent over near the steps,dancing around,with this little stool in his hand,totally in a world of his own i left after a short while, the sound level,too much for me, later i asked my nephew Murray who the guy was dancing with the stool, he replied, "oh that was Jarvis Cocker " To this day (as an avid fan) i thought he was a relative of Joe Cocker still don,t know if he is or not? Memories are made of this lol.
  14. Hi,try Google "Albufeira.com loads of stuff on there, about driving over here,well both women and men do drive to close"tail gateing" they do it with each other not only tourists, if you do drive,remember to carry your passport,insurance,drivers licence and make sure the car carries warning red triangle plus yellow jackets (enough for all passengers) don,t worry about the tolls they are not in force anywhere in Portugal yet. P.S. don,t leave your documents in the car,even if you only get out for a coffee or such,as there have been reports of thefts from cars,even parked at cafe,s . Enjoy your visit:)
  15. Hi Betty, this is Ralph, it,s ok i have located your Fran and Jean and i have their phone numbers now, thanks anyway for replying.
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